[Let’s Talk: Anime] Your Lie in April English Dub

When everything has faded to black and white, can anything restore color to his life?

Kousei Arima is a talented musical prodigy. At a young age, he masters playing the piano under the tutoring of his dying mother. After she passed away, Kousei was so traumatized by her death that he could no longer hear the piano when he plays it. But everything changes for him when he meets Kaori Miyazono, a violinist with a very different interpretation of how music should be played and what it means to be a musician.

YLiA1Max Mittelman heads the cast as Kousei. This is the best performance Max has done to date. Kousei is such a dynamic and heartbreaking character. The strongest part of Max’s performance is the evolution of his voice as Kousei. He starts as a very subdued and neutral character, usually distancing himself from conversations with his friends. As Kousei returns to performing, he takes an almost 180 degree shift and finds what it means to be a musician.

However, Kousei is an accompanist and needs his leading lady to complete the duet. Erica Lindbeck takes the stage as Kaori and she is a force to be reckoned with. Kaori hits every emotional high and low through out this series, needing a voice to support that turbulence but also be the inspiration for Kousei and the others. Erica’s performance has a natural lightness to it and she transitions beautifully between the volatile mood swings. However, she never comes off as too juxtapose with the hurt and the passion of Kaori.

That word is the key to this show: Passion.

Every character in this show has something they’re working towards, something that YLiA2means everything to them and is the reason they work as hard as they do.

It’s inspiring to watch these characters overcome so many trials to try and reach what it is they so desperately want.

But characters mean nothing without the proper cast and Your Lie in April delivers on every front.

From the leads of Kousei and Kaori to their friends to rival musicians, every character is spot on and recreates the characters for the English audience. It’s evident that director, Partick Sietz, understands the subtleties of relationships and how to evoke that in each performance. This is more than just a translated anime. It is truly a retelling with a fresh cast for a new audience.

This show is so much more than just another dub. Already a visually stunning show with outstanding music, Your Lie in April comes state side and is ready to take the stage. With a top notch cast and superb behind the scenes work, this is without a doubt a must for dub fans to check out this year!


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