[Let’s Talk: Anime] Cheer Danshi Episode 1

The wide world of sports anime now throws itself into the realm of cheer leading.
CD2The episode starts with the protagonist, Haruki, watching his sister compete in a Judo match. He cheers louder for her than anyone as she wins the tournament for their family’s dojo. Haruki congratulates her, but she says she couldn’t have done it without him cheering her on. She explains that his cheering has a sort of power behind it, but doesn’t explain anything further than that.

Later that night, Haruki is rest on the roof of his home when his best friend, Kazu, stops by to come see him. He offers Haruki some pain killers because of a shoulder injury Haruki got a while back. He starts to wonder why he was born into a family who specializes in Judo when has no interest in it himself. Kazu tells him he’s thinking too much and the two decide to call it a night.

The next day, the two boys quit their college Judo team.

At first, Haruki is almost outraged that Kazu would give it up. He tells Kazu that he doesn’t
need to quit and he should stay with the team. Kazu explains to him that the only reason he ever joined Judo was because of Haruki. Now that Haruki can’t compete and doesn’t want to be on the team, he has no reason to stay. Besides that, Kazu has another idea for a sport they can try. Kazu wants to form the first all male cheer team.

Haruki is convinced that no one will want to join them. Cheer leading isn’t very popular toCD3 begin with, so forming even an all male team will be difficult. The boys do manage to luck out and quickly find a third member for their team. However, their new companion proves to be rather enthusiastic in his own right, including trying to follow the boys and talk to them, to practically inviting himself in to Kazu’s house when he explains to Haruki why he wants to make a cheer team.

After watching a real cheer team perform, the boys are even more inspired to get a team together and get started. Despite the fact that neither of them really know what their doing, they’re ready to get the team going and will start to cheer with best of them before too long.

This was surprisingly funny and very well done. What’s really selling it is Haruki and Kazu’s relationship. They have a wonderful dynamic between the two of them, which makes this more than just a bromance with a sports team. It’s obviously too early to see just how much of that relationship will play into the show, but it’s certainly a strong selling point out the gate.

It will be exciting to see who else joins and how the boys think they’re going to learn to cheer with the best teams.CD5

Cheer on the boys by keeping up with all the new episodes on Funimation Now!


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