[Let’s Talk: Anime] Cheer Danshi Episode 2

Three boys down, four more to go till they reach a full team.CD21

Kazu receives a text from a potential new member while the boys are practicing. He tells them that they need to start working on more of the basics while they wait for other members. They meet up with their newest recruit, Koji Tono. Koji isn’t someone who seems to fit the image of what a male cheerleader looks like and he admits that he’s never done sports before. However, he would like the change all of that. Kazu is excited and gladly accepts him on.

With a group of four, they can start working on more advance moves as a team. They work on their tumbling skills and on their mounts. Kazu even writes a few cheers for the group to work on. He designates them all to positions in the mount based on where he thinks their strengths as cheerleaders would be. Haru is set as a flier and isn’t sure he’s good enough for the team.

While leaving campus one day, the group runs into a few more boys who might be CD23qualified to join since they are experts at tumbling. Another boy overhears them talking and immediately dismisses the whole thing, saying cheer leading is only for girls. Kazu assures him that he’s wrong. It’s more about cheering for the team and helping encourage them to do their best. As if to prove that point, he organizes a cheering event on the main campus. The boys all perform together and for the finale, they are joined by two more members. And thus, the squad is now up to six.

The show is moving at a steady pace, which is good for a story like this. The team has to be built from the ground up and none of the boys have any previous cheering experience. It is nice to see a more diverse group of boys and not just the standard fodder that comes with sports shows. The boys are not immediately friends either, meaning that trust and relationships need time to develop. So far, nothing to that affect as come since they are working more on becoming a team.CD24

The whole team has almost come together. Who will be next to join?


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