[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 1

It’s game on for all of humanity in the ultimate struggle between hope and despair.DRFA3

There has been a war raging between the Future Foundation and the Remnants of Despair for quite a while now. There was a turning point when the leader, Junko Enoshima, was killed and the Foundation seemed to be taking a lead on the battle. However, there was a member who decided the Remnants are worth saving instead of killing them out right. That person is Makoto Naegi, the Super High School Level Hope and one of the survivors from the Hope’s Peak High School killing game. However, his fellow members do not agree with his actions to protect these dangerous criminals and charge Nagei with treason.

The other members of the Future Foundation are primarily made up of students who previously attended Hope’s Peak High School. They have witnessed first hand the destruction the Remnants are capable of. To them, it doesn’t make any sense as to why Naegi would consider saving them. Munakata, former Super High School Level Student Council President and one of the leaders of Future Foundation, decides to postpone Naegi’s interrogation and takes a moment to himself to think about the situation. One of his classmates, Yukizome, tries to assure Munakata to take a break and not think too much about what to do about Naegi.

However, before the interrogation can begin, the Foundation is attacked and all the members are knocked out.

When they all come to, they’re surprised to see bracelets with digital timers around their wrists. This all accompanied by a chilling laugh that Naegi is all too familiar with. A video DRFA5starts to play and it’s none other than Monokuma who has trapped the members of the Future Foundation. He tells them that he’s impressed with how much they’ve halted the progress that the Remnants have made and decided to reward the Foundation by letting them all kill each other. Even though Naegi is quick to dismiss Monokuma and say they won’t play his game, Munakata realizes that someone is missing. And with that, Yukizome becomes the first victim in the newest killing game.

This is completely different from anything else in the Dangan Ronpa series and it is fantastic. While the series usually balances cartoonish humor with a rather gritty scenario, this episode is set in the world outside of Hope’s Peak where the entire world has fallen to Enoshima’s influence when she was at her peak. There’s also a focus on the other members of the Future Foundation, which hasn’t been seen before. There’s so much new territory that’s about to be explored and it’s wonderful to see something fresh being brought to the series.

Something worth mentioning is the characterization of Naegi. He’s lived through the killing game, witnessed a second killing game, and had to endure the horrors in a world overrun with despair. Despite all of that, at his core, he’s still someone who tries to see the best in people and also gets rattled by the site of a dead body. He hasn’t become jaded or even used to everything going on in the world. At his core, he’s the same kid that tried to protect his friends at Hope’s Peak and that makes him even more endearing as a protagonist.

Fifteen remain. Who will be next on the chopping block?DRFA4

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