[Let’s Talk: Anime] Shokugeki No Soma: Second Plate Episode 2

Megumi prepares to enter the area against Ryo.FWSP21

The theme of this match is ramen. The school will provide the noodles for the contestants so the focus will be on what kind of broth they can create. Megumi knows the kind of chef that Ryo is and speculates that he will be making a type of rich broth that might have some kind of sea food. To counter his ramen, Megumi decides that she wants to try and make a light broth but still put as much flavor into it as possible. After several failed attempts, a package arrives for her from her mother that she thinks might give her the edge she needs in the battle.

The day of the competition, both chefs enter the arena. Immediately, Ryo calls attention to himself and commands the battle. Alice explains to Soma and the Polar Star group that Ryo’s skill comes from a young age when he ran a diner off a harbor. This is his territory and she is convinced that Megumi doesn’t have a chance. Ryo even tries to rattle Megumi by telling her that there’s no chance she’ll win against him. However, she assures him that because of the support she has from her friends, she’ll be able to win.

The judges try each of their ramen. As expected, Ryo’s broth is aggressively flavorful. It’s FWSP23packed with so many different flavors of the sea that it’s almost impossible to distinguish everything he’s placed in the broth. Megumi’s, on the other hand, is light and gentle but still has just as much flavor as Ryo’s. She used the package her mother sent her which included several different dried ingredients from her home town. This gives so much flavor to the broth without completely overpowering the judges. As they finish their tasting, the judges prepare to deliver their victor and the audience waits with bated breath.

This was such a wonderful episode in terms of the growth that Megumi has shown over the series. While she still felt intimidated going up against someone who has a much more commanding presence, she does not allow herself to be put down or distracted. She knows her stills and she knows what she’s capable of. This is fantastic to see in a character to watch them develop her past the country bumpkin she was at the start of the series.FWSP24

Next week cannot come fast enough to show who the victor of this battle is.


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