[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Despair Arc Episode 1

Every story of hope begins with despair.

Before the world was completely ripped apart, Yukizome was a teacher at the renound Hope’s Peak High School. As a former student herself, she was determined to do everything she could for her students.

Even if that meant forcing them all to come to class.

DRDA2For the students of Hope’s Peak, they are not required to attend all of their courses. As long as they can maintain their grades and do well on the exams, it doesn’t matter if they come to even one class. Yukizome, however, doesn’t believe this is the proper way for Super Level High School students to behave. Therefore, she takes the few students who do attend her class and travels across town looking for the remaining ones.

Yukizome certainly has her work cut out for her. The class she is overlooking has talented students who range from a Super High School Lucky Student all the way up to a Super High School Level Princess. Along with their titles, each student has such a dynamic and extreme personalities. Yukizome is fortunately successful in rounding up all her students except for one.

Near the outskirts of the school, a student from the reserve classes at Hope’s Peak DRDA3named Hinata is bumped into by a young girl. She is the Super High School Level Gamer Chiaki Nanami. Hinata tells her that she’s so lucky to be as talented as she is. Nanami assures him that he has more freedom than any of the Super High School students ever will because he is not confined to just his one talent as a normal student attending the school. Their conversation doesn’t get far before Yukizome comes to take her away for class. Yukizome is thrilled that she has brought her students together and promises them that she will continue to bring them together for the rest of the year.

It’s difficult to say if this is a strong first episode. Each character is introduced quickly and not much is known about them except for their one real defining characteristic. The most interesting thing to happen in the episode was the conversation between Hinata and Nanami. This is certainly aluding to something that come later in the show and will be picked up on by those who have played Dangan Ronpa 2.

The set up of this episode seems a little more like fan service to the people that have played the games. Part of the appeal of this show is already knowing who these characters and knowing their personality quirks. There wasn’t much done to establish them as individuals beyond their title and trope, and that made it feel rather weak. It certainly is more difficult to do this with a cast of sixteen introduced in the first episode, but it was at least done in an entertaining way. DRDA4

What in store for these Super High School Level students?

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7 thoughts on “[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Despair Arc Episode 1

  1. I’ve decided to give Danganronpa a skip this season. I haven’t played the games and the first anime of it was only okay. I might watch the two anime that are coming out now once they are fully released but for now I’ve got enough other anime on my plate.


    1. Funimation will be dubbing both shows come August 10 if dubs are something you prefer. But for me at least, Future Arc is so much better than the first anime. Despair Arc I’m reserving judgement on.


      1. It’s more the story itself doesn’t grab me all that much. I’m passingly interested but nothing more and I’ve already got a lot of other anime I want to watch. I might pick this up again if I drop a lot of other shows – we’ll see. But dub doesn’t interest me that much unless I’m wanting to show the anime to someone else. A few people I know only watch anime in English.


      2. Understandable. This is one of my favorite series of games and I’m desperately hoping the new shows prove better than the original adaptation. It’s quite painful as a fan to watch something be done haphazardly and pays little credit to the original series

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  2. I just watched this episode, and I definitely agree, it was like a super quick run through of all the characters. Some of the characters look super interesting, although I gotta admit I face palmed heaps at all the panty shots. I haven’t played the game – do you reckon I need to? I might watch some ‘lets play’ on youtube 😛


    1. Playing the game will give you more context to the characters even though this anime is technically a prequel to the second game. It’s one of those weird series where it makes sense to go backwards. If you can spare it, the games are available to purchase on Steam so you don’t need a Vita to play them anymore.


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