[Let’s Talk: Anime] Shokugeki No Soma Second Plate Episode 3

The winner of the second competition is announced and the third competition of the Autumn Elections is underway.

It’s no real surprise that Ryo is announced as the winner of the ramen competition. However, the crowd and the judges acknowledge the skill that Megumi has. She is certainly someone who can come into her own as a chef.

Now that this match as ended, the next match is preparing to get under way. Hayama will be facing off against Hisoka in a competition to cook a hamburger patty. These two have very unique cooking styles, each focusing on a particular spice or plant to emphisize that.

FWSP32While all this is going on, Soma runs into another student who was present at the preliminaries for the Autumn Elections. He invites Soma, along with Megumi and Takumi, to join him in one of the waiting rooms to watch the competition. He offers the group his own commentary on the skills of the chefs. While Hisoka is the first to finish and obviously impresses the judges, he’s convinced that the match as already been decided.

Hayama is quick to answer, creating a dish that has meat which should be considered very heavy and gamey. However, he infuses the meat with ingredents such as yogurt and pita bread to lighen the dish so his meat won’t be as overpowering. The judges are even finished eating before they realize what has happened. Hayama is immedately declared the victor.

After Soma and Megumi return to the area, FWSP34Takumi is pulled aside by the other
student who seems to have something to offer him, or maybe threaten him with. He asks Takumi how much his bother, Isami, means to him and seems determined to rattle Takumi before his match begins.

The competitions betwen the characters seems like it should be heating up, but the story seems to be bring in more side stories and pulling away from the Autumn Elections. This is probably would have made more sense if the first two matches hadn’t been the main characters. Now that Soma and Megumi have finished, the series already seems like to move on with their stories and devote little time to the rest of these elections. Maybe the next match will prove different and shed more light on the relationship of the Aldini brothers.

FWSP33The Elections will be ending soon. What new matches will be in store as the semi finles reach their height?


2 thoughts on “[Let’s Talk: Anime] Shokugeki No Soma Second Plate Episode 3

  1. It is odd that both of the characters that people really wanted to see have had their match in this round but there is still another match. Were they hoping we cared more about the Aldini brothers and that would allow us to be invested in the next match up.


    1. I think that is the case. I’m more invested in the Aldini Brothers than some of the other characters (Hayama for example). Maybe this new story line is supposed to be what makes the audience more invested in them, but it doesn’t help if they aren’t really invested already.

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