[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 2

The Killing Game is set, ready to destroy the Future Foundation.

DRFA22Monokuma sets in place all the rules of this new Killing Game. First off, there will be a time limit where all the “players” are awake. At the end, they will be injected with a sleeping drug and knocked out. During that time, an attacker will wake up and has a time limit in which to kill the person of their choice. When everyone wakes up, they will chose someone to kill. If the killings stop, then the Foundation wins. Further more, their bangles have a poison that will release if they try to remove their bangle or if they perform a “forbidden action” that Monokuma has assigned to them.

The group is quick to decide that Naegi¬†should be the one they¬†kill. Sakakura and Mitarai disagree on if they should kill Naegi or not, which makes Sakakura punch him in the stomach. An alarm sounds and Bandai’s bracelet lights up as he collapses to the floor and dies. Kirigiri deduces that his forbidden action was violated so the poison was injected into him.

As Munakata pulls the attention back towards Naegi, Kirigiri causes a diversion DRFA23so he and Asahina, another survivor from the original killing game, can get away from the group. Munakata follows them but another member of the foundation, Gozu, fights him off while they hide with a girl named Gekkougahara. It isn’t long before the time limit is up and they will pass out.

Asahina tells Naegi how scared she is that they have to go through all this again. Naegi assures though that this time, they are all in this together. She doesn’t have to worry about feeling alone because they aren’t alone this time.

However, his words of comfort come too late and when he awakens after the time limit, Asahina is the newest victim of the killing game.DRFA25

This episode was a wonderful balance of exposition, action, and emotion. It’s good to see that this isn’t just a rehash of the game that occurred at Hope’s Peak, but it still keeps the spirit of how someone who could be called the Super High School Level Despair would run this game. Additionally, the tension between the group makes for the perfect drama because it’s not just a mob mentality. There is legitiment reasons for them to suspect Naegi would be the attacker. Finally, the death of Asahina really drives home that no one is safe in this. Even after everything they endured at Hope’s Peak, the original survivers could be picked off just as easily as anyone else.

DRFA24Thirteen “players” remain. Will the group continue to splinter or will they band together to defeat Monokuma’s twisted game?


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