[Let’s Talk: Anime] Cheer Danshi Episode 3

Will the boys be able to bring in their final group member?Gen mentions that he might know who to bring on as the seventh member of their group. They attend a gym class and watch a young man named Shou perform perfect round offs and back hand springs. Afterwards, they urge him to join the team. But Shou is not so easily persuaded.

CD31He says that he watched their demonstration and was thoroughly unimpressed. He can tell they’re a group of novices who can only do basic lifts and a few of them can sort of tumble. He tells them they’re going to get hurt and that nothing will come of this team. Mizoguchi is determined to show him they are not just messing around and vows that in a week, they will show him what they are capable of.

Though what that may be, he has no idea.

Kazu decides the boys are going to all learn how to do round offs and back hand springs so Shou can see how serious they are. Gen, Kazu, and Ichiro have no problems performing the tumbles, but Ton, Mizoguchi, and Haru still have to learn how to do a round off before they can even begin the back hand springs. They master the round off after three days, but it’s still a lot of work to do that final tumble.

Shou walks in on the boys trying to perfect their tumbles and urges them to be careful. He CD33tells them how dangerous it is to do something like that if they don’t know what they’re doing. They assure him that they will be fine and are anxious to show him what they have learned. When they show up at the gym the next day, Shou is no where to be seen. Kazu has them work on their moves anyway. After watching from a distance, Shou finally tells them he will join the team with the condition that he will not do stunts.

This episode does well to give a grounding in reality in terms of how cheer leading moves can be very complicated. Even though each of the boys learn the moves and can perform the tumbles, they still struggle after landing the move perfectly one time. They are not flawless in what they do and it makes the team more endearing. It’s also infectious to watch the teamwork develop between the boys as they all work hard towards their all male team. CD34

All seven members are together, so where do they go from here?


2 thoughts on “[Let’s Talk: Anime] Cheer Danshi Episode 3

  1. It is really good watching these guys develop and that they each have different strengths and weaknesses as they learn the next thing they attempt. I still think three days isn’t long enough to learn how to do that tumble regardless of how hard you train but that is a minor quibble with the show as the focus is dfinitely on the developing team and the relationships.


    1. I’m willing to overlook minor things like that based on how the relationships are as well. And again, even though they can do it, they still aren’t perfect at it. I think the show is doing a great job showing that this isn’t an easy sport but still portraying it in a good light (I’m an ex cheer leader)

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