[Let’s Talk: Anime] One Punch Man English Dub

What do you do after you become the strongest hero in the world?For the man who calls himself “a hero for fun” Saitama, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to do. He’s so powerful that any foe he comes across can be destroyed with one punch. Even villains that could completely obliterate the world are nothing when they are on the receiving end of his fist.

saitama3This show was an instant classic. Fans adored the self aware satire as well as the over the top action. Perhaps the biggest draw was Saitama himself, a flat voiced hero with a thousand mile blank stare. His nearly complete indifference to everything around him is part of what makes the show so funny to viewers. Almost every fan who has watched the show can pick out a favorite line or moment from the hero’s many escapades.

Everything is almost entirely dependent on Saitama, especially in the first episode. English voice actor, Max Mittelman, stepped up to the challenge of voicing Saitama and he exceeds all expectations.

It’s so impressive to watch Max’s performance go from flat and almost painfully dull to Saitama2emotionally charged with loud bombastic cries as the episode jumps about between Saitama’s past and the present day. Monotone is such a tricky thing to pull off in acting. It’s so easy to come across as bored or seem as though the actor isn’t invested in the role. However, Max still emotes through the subdued moments. There are small inflections when Saitama talks that certainly indicate there’s more to this hero than just a single punch.

This was a thrill to watch. The first episode had a few wonderful vocal ester eggs as well as a dynamic and hilarious cast, which made for an impressive episode. It’s certainly worth a look for anyone who hasn’t seen One Punch Man or anyone looking to check it out again.

Toonami is currently airing One Punch Man Saturday nights at midnight EST on Cartoon Network.


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