[Let’s Talk:Top Ten] Dance with Devils Songs

What a melodic year for anime! While Dance with Devils may not have been the most ground breaking show out there this year, it sure did give us some memorable songs. So, here are my top ten picks for the best songs in Dance with Devils. Just to state, this is my opinion and, obviously, I couldn’t cover all the songs in the show. I will also be focusing mainly on the shows themselves as well as what they add to the story, however I will not be looking at the visuals from the episodes. Let me know if there are any songs I didn’t mention that you enjoyed. Alright, let’s go ahead and get started!

dwd310) Crazy About You (Rem, Lindo, Urie, Shiki, Mage, and Loewen- episode 11)
A confession song to Ritsuka from every guys in the show, this is a great upbeat piece that features the talent of every guy in the show and is the only one to feature all of them together. The main reason this song isn’t high on the list is because of its placement in the show. They sing it right before the final fight and it seems more absurd in that sense. Still, it’s a great piece showing off each of the guys’ style.

dwd49)Kimi wa Estrella (Urie Sogami’s song- episode 3)
Probably the most unique of all the songs, this song illustrates all of the things that are fun about Urie. From the Spanish guitar to the lone violin, this song just exudes romance and seduction. While at first it doesn’t sound like much, the song really picks up with chorus¬† as all the instruments build together for a sharp and dramatic ending. A strong song that showcases the character singing it.

8) Ritsuka’s Song (Episode 1)

The introduction song for our heroine. What I love most about this song is how much like a musical it is. Ritsuka sings about her simple life as a high school girl and how she hopes that one day she can find some kind of real life fairy tale to call her own. It’s a quiet tune that is very different from every other piece in the show and it shows a little more insight to her since the show tends to focus on the boys from here on out.

dwd57) Unbalance ni Aishite (Lindo’s song- episode 4)
As much as I want to dislike this song because of the content in the lyrics, I can’t deny how good it is. The electric guitar drives the song and pushes the tempo. The instrumentation is what makes this song good. I really should have more to say about why I like this song, but it’s mainly just how good the music is despite the lackluster singer and the lyrics.

dwd66) Gensou no Kyrie (Shiki’s song- episode 6)
This song is absolutely hypnotic. There is a constant theme of “lullaby” through out this song and Shiki trying to get Ritsuka to trust him. As creepy and terrifying as he is, the song is actually rather gentle and somewhat soothing. The chimes in the song accent that, creating the illusion of a clock going off. My favorite part of the song is the tempo. I can just imagine a pendulum on a clock swinging back and forth, creating a mesmerizing and almost seductive tune.

dwd75) Labyrinth of Depravity (Rem, Urie, Mage, Shiki- episode 1)
The introduction of devils in the series, this song set the bar for me in terms of what to expect and was my favorite song for a long time. The dynamic between the characters is what is so great about this song. Even just listening to their voices, it’s easy to gage what the personalities of each character is going to be in the series. It’s no secret that these guys are more than they see, and the music shows that off through the plucking strings and the accompaniment on the organ. A dark and strong theme for these devilish boys.

dwd84) My Opinion (Loewen’s song- episode 7)
The organ game is strong in this one. There’s something very unnerving about this song, from the choirs and support vocals to the sweeping orchestra. This is the one song to really feel as though it could have been written by someone from another world. Even the howl in the middle of the song adds a chilling and unnatural feels to the song. While Loewen didn’t have much time in the show, when it was his time to shine he sure did not disappoint.

dwd93)  The Fight (Rem and Lindo- episode 9)
Another song that is feels very much like a musical, this is a moment when so many things are coming to a head in the story and Lindo has finally decided he’s not going to let Rem do what he wants with Ritsuka any more. They both have their reasons for wanting to protect her and at this point it’s a clash of wills. The difference in styles between the singers serves to enhance that. Lindo has a rougher, less refined sound with Rem still sounds as cool and composed as ever. It’s a battle for who will come out on top through song.

2) Dance with Destiny (Ensemble- episode 12)

This song is the final piece of music heard in the show and it’s unlike anything else in the show. Most of the songs are upbeat and have heavy instrumental accompaniment. For the end, it’s nothing but the singers, a piano with a little percussion, and their emotions. It pulls down the energy that the entire show has had, but in a good way. This is the final act and the final moments these characters will see each other. A somber finish to this musical journey.

dwd101) Destinare (Rem-episode 2)
Everything I love about this show can be summed up with this one song. Violins, strong driving beats yet a diverse track, an engaging lead vocal with perfect harmony, and sharp staccato beats to push home that Rem Arlond is a force to be reckoned with. No other character came close to having the presence in their song that Rem did. It’s such a layered and complex piece compared to most of the others, yet has a simplicity that allows Rem’s character to shine through in the lyrics and the performance. There is a reason he’s known as the prince of despair and it’s all in one song.


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