[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3 : Despair Arc Episode 2

Yukizome is still working to have the students work as a cohesive class. 

DRDA21She thinks giving them a class representative will be the final push they need. However, the class is full of some rather excentric characters, making it difficult for students like Nanami to feel like they fit in. Yukizome encourages her to to share her gaming passion with some of the other students and says it will help her make friends.

This class isn’t the only project Yukizome is working on.

Munakata has been asking her to investigate the school’s uses of the funds coming DRDA22from the Reverse Course students. She decides Hinata is a good place to start, so she asks him why he enrolled to begin with. He explains that it’s just as simple as he admires the school. Yukizome leaves her conversation at that as another teacher is arrives to talk to Hinata. He tells Hinata about some concerns with the project Hinata has been asked to participate in. Hinata assures him that he hasn’t made a decision yet, but seems upset at the prospect of trying to make one.

On the other hand, Yukizome’s students seem to be coming together better than ever. Nanami has brought some games for them all to play and, by extension, they are working together to make their time more enjoyable. Because of how she brought unity to the class, Yukizome nominates Nanami for the position of class representative. Nanami refuses at first, but everyone wants her to do it. In the end, she happily accepts.DRDA23

This series seems to be going through a bit of an identity crisis here at the beginning. It’s trying to address all the topics from the game, including Hinata who will become important later, as well as have a light hearted class for Yukizome. Viewers keeping up with the Future Arc or those who have played the game already know what’s going to happen to these characters and it creates almost a sense of impatience. From a fan’s perspective, it’s fun to the school environment but this series could easily start alienating new comers if the fan service doesn’t end soon.


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