[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 3

Things are not as they seem in this killing game and within Future Foundation.

Just when Naegi thinks Asahina has died, she stirs and wakes up. It seems as though she was “stabbed” with a toy knife and tomato sauce was used in place of blood. However, he can’t breath easy because someone has still died. Great Gozu has been strung up and stabbed as the latest victim.Which means the attacker still managed to get in the room with them, or was already there to begin with.

DRFA32Naegi decides that the only way to get Future Foundation to even remotely cooperate with him is to try and talk with everyone. Gekkogahara suggests that he use the intercom system. She reveals that the Future Foundation bulding was actually originally meant to be an over seas location for Hope’s Peak Academy, which is how Munakata knew about it and is part of the reason why he brought everyone there. On their way to the intercom, Naegi figures out Gekkogahara’s forbidden action, so he and Asahina share theirs with her as well. Moved by this new bond she has formed with the two, Gekkogahara joins Asahina in creating a diversion so Naegi can get to the intercom system.

Kirigiri decides she wants to find an investigate the body, but Tengen and Mitarai think she shouldn’t go alone. Mitarai is concerned that they should all be working together as members of Future Foundation and can’t understand why Munakata is so desperate to kill Naegi. Kirigiri wants to know his forbidden action, but he seems reluctant to tell her. She explains that she can’t reveal hers either, which makes it incredibly difficult for them to trust each other.

Naegi makes his way to the intercom and comes clean with Future Foundation. HeDRFA33.png tells them that he saved the Remnants of Despair because he knows they were once students just like he was. Junko Enoshima is the one to blame since they never would have been this way if she hadn’t come into their lives. He even worked to rehabilitate them and restore their memories from before they met her. Naegi is convinced the only way they can stop Monokuma is to believe in each other, so he tells the group his forbidden action and says he is abandoning the game.

Munakata makes his way to the intercom, ready to knock Naegi off his high horse. He tells him that he has no idea what true despair is and there’s know way he’ll be able to fight with that kind of attitude. Naegi rebutles with the argument that hope comes from believing in what will change the world. Even if his words are hollow and he doesn’t know where to start, he knows that’s what needs to be doen. Munakata recognizes the power Naegi has to convince people to fight for empty ideals and he cannot allow that to happen since Munakata believes he’s the only one who can really save everyone as he knows true despair.

This is where the cracks in the Future Foundation are starting to show more and more. It was obvious to begin with since many members broke off into smaller groups, staying only with the people they trusted. However, Munakata is fueling that distrust by disregarding everything Naegi has to say. What’s worse is this is being broadcast to the entire world. If anything, this is the despair that Monokuma is looking for. The so called saviors of the world griping with and fighting each other.

DRFA34.pngAt this rate, the Future Foundation is going to implode on itself and they will have only themselves to blame when they fail.


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