[Let’s Talk: Anime] Shokugeki No Soma: Second Plate Episode 4

The fourth round of the Autumn takes a shocking turn by becoming a shokugeki. Mimasaka throws the challenege before Takumi, telling him that the price of losing will be that Takumi has to give him the mezaluna blade. Takumi accepts with no hesitation. The challenge before the two of them is desert. Every watching is confident that Takumi will come out on top since deserts are a specialty in Italy.

However, Mimasaka has his own tricks up his sleeve.

FWSP42Mimasaka specalizes in analyzing his opponents and thier cooking style. By doing this, be is able to recreate all of their dishes perfectly as well as find ways to enhance the dishes to give him an edge in the shokugeki. He intimidates his competition and takes advantage of all their weaknesses. With Takumi, it’s no different. Every move he makes is countered and outdone by Mimasaka. Even when he thinks he has an advantage, Mimasaka finds a way to out do him again.

The two show their deserts to the judges. While they are appauled at the way FWSP43Mimasaka conducts himself in the shokugeki, they can’t deny that his skills are impecable. Even when Takumi thinks his has one more advantage over him, Mimasaka comes back with another twist to make his dish better. The judges know who the obvious winner is and declare Mimasaka the victor of the shokugeki.

Afterwards, Mimasaka talks to Soma and challenges him to a shokugeki in the next match. Soma tells him that he will accept, but not out of respect towards Mimasaka. He tells Mimasaka that he will never understand the true joy of cooking since all he does is imitate others. He also says that if he wins, Mimasaka will give Soma all the tools he’s ever won while if Mimasaka wins Soma will give up being a chef.

FWSP44This was an infuriating episode, but for all the right reasons. One of the strengths of Sokugeki no Soma is how unpredictable it can be. The main characters are never garunteed a victory and this isn’t the first time this happened. Just a few episodes, Megumi wasn’t able to win her election despite how hard she worked. It creates a strong sense of drama and makes the show much more interesting. No one wanted to see Takumi lose to someone like that, but it happened anyway. But that will just make it even sweeter when he loses to Soma.


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