[Let’s Talk: Anime] Cheer Danshi Episode 4

Are the boys ready to take the next step?

CD42Shou has joined the team, but more as a coach instead of an actual cheer leader. He works on conditioning and strengthening their core muscles Kazu says he wants to start practicing stunts, so Shou comes up with a few ideas of where they can start. Kazu chooses the elevator move so they can eventually work up to a basket toss. He breaks up the boys into different positions so they can work on perfecting the bases. Haru is selected to be a flyer, but he seems very hesitant to take the position.

Mizoguchi surprises the boys by organizing a joint training session with the female cheer squad call the Dreams. Kazu decides they’re going to work on their stunts to show the squad. However, every time they try to lift Haru he can’t seem to get himself steady enough. He finally reveals to the group that he’s afraid of heights and he doesn’t think he will be able to fly. Additionally, Shou tells the boys that he won’t be making it to the joint practice.

That doesn’t stop the boys as they make their way to the joint practice. The coach of CD43the girl’s team is rather unimpressed with what the boys can do. She says that Haru won’t fly because he doesn’t trust his teammates. She also points out that just because the boys master the basics it doesn’t mean they will be a real team. Feeling rather crushed by the practice, the boys meet up with Shou to discuss what the next step for them should be. Each boy acknowledges their own shortcomings they recognized at practice and seem rather dishearted. However, Kazu looks at it a different way. He thinks of each one of those fears are just something the boys each need to break through. Inspired by Kazu’s words, Haru comes up with the name Breakers for the boys. With that, they are ready to move forward, more inspired than ever.

CD44The formating for these episodes is becoming pretty standard, making it a little more predictable and a little more difficult to enjoy. Not to say that watching the boys aren’t fun to watch or that they aren’t good characters. But the episodes are almost exactly the same. The boys try something new, they struggle and then they kind of over come it. Hopefully, the boys can start working past these insecurities and start really working together as a team.


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