[Let’s Talk: Anime] Funimation Simuldub Summer 2016 Week 3

Seems like the final bit of announcements have been released.

From full length series to shorts, Funimation certainly has a little bit of everything to offer with this last round. So, here is a quick look at these titles as the simuldubs get underway starting this week.

planetarianPlanetarian (premiers Thursday, August 4 12:30pm)
The cast seems rather run of the mill here, but then nothing about the story really stands out to me. There are a few actors I really enjoy, but some of them are in titles I’m more excited for. I’ll stay optimistic as I try to do with all shows I go into, but I really am not expectin too much.

showbyrockShow by Rock!! Short!! (premiered Monday, August 1 12:15pm)
This is another show I will be taking a pass on. The show wasn’t my cup of tea, but what I did see had a very solid cast and good song translations. Fans of Show by Rock will enjoy the dub and the characters returning, but I will be sitting this one out.

saikikThe Disasterous Life of Saiki K (premiers Sunday, August 7 2:05pm)
Once against this seems like a rather solid cast. I’m hoping for something light hearted and kind of fun out of this series. Should be fun with an actor like Jerry Jewell in the lead!

handakunHanda-Kun (premiers Friday, August 5 8:30pm)
While the story seems rather generic, I’m interested to see Rob McCollum in a role like this. He doesn’t usually play characters like this, so it should be fun to see something a little different.

Be on the look out for my reviews of the simuldub season and tune in to Funimation Now for all the shows I’ll be talking about!


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