[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 4

Has the true culprit finally been revealed?

Before getting into the post, this will contain more spoilers that usual just because of some of the content in this episode.

DRFA42Asahina and Gekkogahara meet up with Kirigiri, Tengen and Mitarai. Once they are together, Munakata comes on the intercom and tells them that he’s captured Naegi. He plans to execute him and put an end to the killing game. Asahina is furious, but Kirigiri says that he won’t kill Naegi. He’s trying to lure out whoever the traitor is by using Naegi as bait. However, they still know they can’t leave him alone with Munakata so they all make a plan to go after him.

Munakata asks Naegi what he thinks the worst possible outcome of this game would be. While Naegi thinks that the killer winning would be the worst, Munakata has a different theory. He thinks the killer is planning on ending the game whenever they please. If they do, then they can work with Naegi to spread despair under the guise of Hope. As Munakata has said, people will rally behind Naegi because he has the power to spur people to act in the name of hope. That’s why he thinks Naegi is dangerous and isn’t above killing him.

The others show up and get Naegi out of there, leaving Tengen with Munakata. The two battle, each one trying to get the advantage over the other. Tengen tells Munakata that he’s become blind to how hope really works in this world. Munakata will destory despair no matter how many lives are lost in the process. Tengen asks if Yukizome was one of those necessary deaths, which makes Munakata attack him in a rage.

DRFA43As the others are working to hide Naegi, Sakakura is catching up with them. Gekkogahara offers to hold him off so they can get away. She attacks Sakakura but he knocks her out of her chair with no problem. She doesn’t move to get back up, but that’s because her system has gone off line and the girl controling her will need to restart it. She’s revealed to be Monaca Towa, the main antagonist of the game Ultra Despair Girls.

While some fans may see this turn as predictable, it’s still fantastic to see all the games tie together. Sometimes plots get pushed to the wayside or other games are considered spinoffs and are never referenced in the main series. When this was advertised as the final part of the story with Monokuma and Naegi, it really did mean it. Even all the side plots that are being introduced into this series are tying back into the original story line either through the Remnants of Despair or how Naeigi has influenced them in some way.

DRFA44This is how everything is going to be tied in together and it’s exciting to see where the story is going to go from here.


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