[Let’s Talk: Anime] Cheer Danshi Episode 5

The boys are about to make their debut.

Kazu decides that he wants to do the routine that his mother did when she was in college. However, that means the boys have to start learning stunts. They settle on a basic elevator toss, then need to decide if Kazu or Haru will be the one to fly.

CD52The team gathers some equipment so they can practice like the Dreamers do. Kazu and Haru work on their flying, but Haru is still struggling with his fear of heights. Every time he’s thrown, he tenses up and it throws off the base catchers. Shou tells him to keep practicing until he’s comfortable with flying.

However, Haru is not the only one struggling on the team.

Jin injures himself while practicing at home and tries to hide it from the group. Ton starts feeling like he’s holding the team down. Mizoguchi thinks he’s not offereing the proper support to the flyers. Gen doesn’t think he’s as good as the other guys because he doesn’t have the guts to work through his insecurities. With his team feeling so down, Kazu thinks that it’s his fault for pushing the team to do the routine.

That’s when Haru, the quiest member, finally finds his voice. He tells everyone that they CD53are all amazing in their own way. Each one of them have something special to contribute to the team and they wouldn’t be the Breakers without each other. The team is inspired by by Haru’s words and Haru inspires himself a bit. They perform the elevator toss together and Haru realizes that he’s not afraid to fly anymore. The Breakers perform on campus and, even though their routine isn’t perfect, they give it all and the people watching seem to enjoy their performance.

It’s hard not to find the enthusiasm of the boys infectious. The show is so feel good when everything goes well. But, that fits with the theme of a cheer leading show. It’s supposed to create a feeling to encouragement and excitement. Even if nothing is really stand out about the show itself, it’s the energy of the Breakers and rooting for the boys that makes the show fun to catch every week.CD54


2 thoughts on “[Let’s Talk: Anime] Cheer Danshi Episode 5

  1. I like your last thoughts here. There really isn’t anything in the show that is stand out but the show itself is just fun. I quite enjoy starting an episode because I know it will make me smile and the story is progressing slowly but steadily. Thanks for sharing.

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