[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa: Depsair Arc Episode 4

The links between the stories are starting to crop up.

DRDA52The class is still very crestfallen after the deaths that occured in the reserve course. Yukizome tries to get them back on track by reminding them that they have an exam coming up soon, but the students don’t have the excitement they used to. Komaeda decides to talk to Yukizome about postponing the exams, but Yukizome assures him there’s no way that can be done. So, the Super High School Level Lucky Student decides to take matters into his own hands.

He pays a visit to Kimura, the Super High School Level Pharmacist, and asks her if there’s a laxative that she could make for him. She does so but while he is picking it up, she is also visited by Ruka¬†and Izayoi. Ruka is looking for a power enhancement drug that she can use on the exam. She plays the friend card at Kimura, who relectantly lets her have the drug she’s looking for. What Ruka doesn’t know is that Komaeda has taken the drug she’s looking for and replaced it with the laxative.

The day of the exams arrives and KomaedaDRDA53 is ready to threaten the school if he needs to.
However, on his way to the exam he accidently switches bags with Kimura while she makes her way to the gym. Ruka is already there and showing off her confection to the judges. Part way through enjoying her treat, the laxative kicks in and the judges start to feel sick. Kimura offers to give them some medication to help, but she instead has a bag full of bombing equipment.

Komaeda heads to the gym to put his plan into motion. But, everything seems to not be going his way. He has the wrong back and he realizes he has the wrong drug. The crazy thing is that even though he’s indirectly involved, the gym still ends up being blown up and the exams postponed just the way he wanted. As a result of everything that happened, Kimura, Ruka and Izayoi are expelled while Komaeda is suspended and Yukizome is demoted to the reserve course.DRDA55

The streams are starting to cross between the stories of the Despair Arc and the Future Arc, which is exciting to see. What is interesting to see is that the relationship between Kimura and Ruka isn’t because of something that happened with the Future Foundation, but because Ruka cheated on her exam and Kimura was sick of being used by her after so long. While it wasn’t directly a part of everything that happens at Hope’s Peak, it is a small piece of the entire event that eventually leads to the end of the school.

But there is so much more to come, including this project that Hinata has become a part of.


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