[Let’s Talk: Anime] Servamp Simuldub

Servamp follows the story of Mahiru, a young boy leading an ordinary life until he picks up a stray cat he names Kuro who just happens to be a vampire. Before long, Mahiru becomes engulfed in the world of vampires, eves, and crazy battles. In order to survive, he’ll have to learn how to fight and trust in his new, strange bond with Kuro.

Interesting enough, the one who completely steals the show is the antagonist of the series, Tsubaki played by Micah Solusod. Tsubaki is a character who is just deliciously evil and insane for the sake of insanity. He is engaging to watch just because sometimes it’s great to enjoy a character who is completely out of their mind. There might be more to Tsubaki as the series goes on, but for now it’s fun to strap in and board the crazy train.

Another fantasitc performance comes from Chuck Huber as Sleepy Ash/Kuro. It’s unlike his usual performances and even the character is very different from what he usually plays. Kuro is absolutely hilarious to watch, but despite his lazy and pesimistic attitude he is not completely unlikable. Kuro is a character that is all about subtlties in his performance and Chuck wonderfully hits on each of those between Kuro and Sleepy Ash.

While it can be said that there isn’t much to make the show stand out, the show is honestly a lot of fun to watch. It seems very remeniscent of shows from the mid 2000s, which seemed to be more about having a good time as an audience. Sometimes it’s fun just to enjoy a show that’s purely centered around action and humor. With a soild cast to back up the show, that only makes it even more fun and engaging.

Servamp airs Wednesdays at 11:00 am as part of the Funimation summer simuldub line up.


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