[Let’s Talk: Real Talk] Getting to Know Me Month

Hey everyone! Time for something a little different.

As most of you know, I am still fairly new to the blogging scene. I just kind of launched into this as something to do since I enjoy writing and I enjoy super nerdy things. However, I got to thinking about these netherspace of the internet and decided that it might be fun to share a little bit more about myself than just my opinions on stuff.

So, over the course of August, I will be making a few lists that talk a bit about some of my favorite things to give you guys a little more of a glimpse into my interests. I might write a few other posts talking a bit more about myself instead of just my love of stuff, but that will be totally up to you guys.

I would also like to encourage other bloggers who read this to do the same thing. I would love to read more about the people I’m following or anyone who reads this blog. Getting to know people with the same interests or even learn about something new is part of what I love about being apart of fandoms or the nerdy community.

Keep an eye out for those posts in the near future and I hope to hear from a few of you!


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