[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Despair Arc Episode 5

It’s officially the beginning of the end for Hope’s Peak High School.

DRDA41Yukizome is reinstated as their teacher, but she has a few concerns from her time in the reserve course. She asks Sakakura if he would be able to get her a trustee’s ID. When he asks why she would want that, she explains that the funding from the course has been going to something called the Kamkura Project, a secret experiment named after the founder of Hope’s Peak. She wants to get more information for Munakata, but she would need that kind of restricted access. Sakakura promises nothing, but will still try to get her one.

Yukizome returns to her class to find that everyone is very excited to see her again. While some things may have changed, for the most part her students are still as eccentric as ever.

But, in true Dangan Ronpa fashion, not everything is as it seems when it comes to these DRDA43characters. It’s revealed that Mitarai, the Super High School Level Animator, has actually been staying home working on an anime while someone else attends classes in his place. This boy is said to have no name, but is just the Super High School Level Imposter. He’d offered to help Mitarai by assuming his identity so Mitarai could stay home and work on his anime. In the end, the two are benefiting each other and that should be the extent of their relationship. The imposter is worried about Mitarai though and tries to tell him that he should think about attending school, but Mitarai refuses to be torn away from his work

However, the real show stealer has arrived on the scene and her name is Junko Enoshima.

Enoshima is picking up her sister, Mukuro Ikusaba, from the airport so they can attend Hope’s Peak together. As Enoshima attempts to kill her sister, she tells her about how excited Ikusaba should be that she will be apart of Enoshima’s plan to create the Biggest, Most Atrocious Despair-Inducing Incident in Human History and that it’s all going to begin at Hope’s Peak. Little does Enoshima know that her opportunity might come sooner than she expected. The Kamakura Project is proceeding and Hinata is ready to undergo the experiment. However, it might not be a good thing as it seems that something might begoing wrong with the project already.DRDA44

Things are kicking into high gear at Hope’s Peak. There’s so much going on to move the story forward. Additionally, there is still time to continue that character development that was touched on in the previous episode of future arc. The anime is really paying attention to these new characters and allowing them to become a part of the Dangan franchise. They’re not just throw away characters used to perpetuate the main story. They are becoming integral parts and contributing in new ways to the already intense and engaging story. It will be interesting to see how everything connections in the episodes to come.


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