[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 5

This episode focuses more on the relationship between Kimura and Ruruka.

They met when they were very yound and almost immediately became friends. Ruruka is impressed by Kimura’s talents and begins to ask her for favors. Kimura help’s Ruruka because she thinks of her as a friend. However, the friendship becomes strained when Ruruka feels distrust towards Kimura because she won’t each any of the sweets Ruruka sweets, despite being told that her medication will react poorly to sugar and could kill her. This leads to fueling the rift that happened between them in episode 4 of the despair arc.

DRFA53While they are fighting, Ruruka discovers Kimura’s forbidden action and decides to try and it exploit it. However, instead of rationally talking to Kimura about what they should do, she gives her unrealistic demands from eating one of Ruruka’s sweets to killing Munakata. Kimura is pushed over the edge and she fuels her body with even more drugs. This sends her into a complete blind range and she attacks Ruruka, who manages to escape.
Kimura manages to run across Naegi and Asahina, who are fighting Sakakura. She is about to attack them when Gekkogahara shows up again, completely rebooted and ready for Monaca’s use. She says she wants to keep Naegi alive because he needs to entertain her a little more. So she uses Gekkogahara to get Naegi and Asahina away from their attackers and they try to find a safe place.

Meanwhile, Tengen’s and Munakata’s has become a little more philosophical. Tengen tells DRFA55him that killing every one who is apart of despair is never going to bring true hope to the world. Munakata takes this claim to mean that Tengen is the attacker and he is allied with the Remnants of Despair. In an attempt to make Munakata understand, Tengen reveals who the real traitor is. This doesn’t sway Munakata’s resolve and he kills Tengen, declaring that he will end everything.

Finally, the time limit ends and Kimura is revealed to be the third victim in the Killing Game.

DRFA54There was so much packed into episode it was a struggle to touch on everything. That being said, this series is really driving home one of the great things about Dangan Ronpa that was missed in the first anime, the characters and their relations with each other. Having the despair arc helps as well because it does offer another opportunity to introduce other character interactions. Even the most unlikable chatacters here have something interesting about them beause they are developed much more. This anime is proving to be a wonderful successor to the game franchise.


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