[Let’s Talk: Anime] Shokugeki No Soma: Second Plate Episode 6

The beef stew shokugeki is in full swing.

FWSP62Mimasaka reveals that his secret ingredent is going to be smoked bacon. He plans on using this as a garnish to enhance the flavor of beef stew and make it an almost completely different dish. He knows that Soma hasn’t thought of a garnish to use, so that would give him the edge with his dish to beat Soma.

However, Soma doesn’t seem phased by this twist.

Instead, he reveals that he’s going to take it one step further. He will be adding not just one kind of meat, but several other kinds to his dish. Each one is cooked differently and will enhace the flavor of the stew’s broth. Mimasaka isn’t concerned. He sees Soma’s attemtp as nothing more than improv cooking, which has backfired in every shokugeki Mimasaka has ever competed in. He’s confident that he has the upper hand with his refined dish.

Mimasaka is the first to give his dish to the judges and, naturally, the dish is near perfect. FWSP63He has enhanced the status and the flavor of the dish by using the bacon and additional garnishes to make it more than just a stew. The judges are enthralled by his dish, unsure of how Soma will overcome such a well constructed dish. When Soma presents his dish, it seems to be nothing more than a mishmash of various meats with no real theme.

But, when has anything Soma done not had a reason behind it?

He explains that his dish is inspired by a vegetable soup that cooks all the ingredents seperately. By doing this, he was able to bring out the best flavors of each piece of meat but still allow each one of compliment the main dish. This takes the judges completely by surprise and makes Soma the winner of the shokugeki.

FWSP64While this outcome is expected, what was a little eye rolling about this was how accepting of his defeat Mimasaka was and how he just accepted the advice from Soma to keep cooking no matter what. Mimasaka was built up as a character that was all about how perfectly he can replicate a dish and destroy a chef’s confidence. It’s hard to explain why it feels so unsatsifying to watch him lose. Maybe it’s because he accepts his loss with some sense of grace when this is character that it would have been great to see be completely obliterated. Granted, that’s not how Soma works, but Mimasaka doesn’t seem like someone who would accept defeat so easily.


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