[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa Tag Challenge: What Ultimate High School Student are you?

Hey guys! This is a challenge taken from Two Happy Cats and you should see the original post before checking out my reponse! The whole set up for the challenge is on the site and this will only be a response so please be sure to check that out and feel free to participate as well. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Ultimate Reader


Oh my gosh do I love books! I started reading at a middle school level when I was just nine and I was reading college material before I got into middle school. When most kids were reading Charlie Bone and stuff like that, I was totally into The Portrait of Dorien Grey and Macbeth. But, I wasn’t someone who totally kept to myself. I did enjoy talking to other people, but mainly all I did was talk about

The ‘Game’

I think my game would be like a reference thing where each murder has a particular genre or theme to it.  Additionally, it could have pop culture references in it, like having a horror genre where the head of the victim is spun backwards (exorcist style) and the Ultimate Child Star was the killer or something to that effect. It would almost be like something triggers in their heads to commit these murders, leaving them completely helpess in this battle of despair


Death/ Survival


One of two things would happen. One, I would fly pretty low under the radar and be able to survive. Two, I would be one of those forced to kill. My theme would probably be something like a love triangle and I was forced to kill someone I saw as my rival after a cute guy helps me come out of my bookwormy shell. It would totally be more School Days than anything actually romantic though.

Nominees – But Anyone Can Participate!




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