[Let’s Talk: Top Ten] My Top Ten Favorite Anime

For the first part of this series, we’re going to stick with some familiar territory.

As the title suggests, these are just my favorites. This isn’t an end all be all list of the best anime ever. I’ll straight up admit that at least one show on this list is rather terrible. But, we like what we like. Now, let’s get this list underway!

girlsbravo10) Girl’s Bravo
There is no defending this show. It is blatant, pointless fan service with no story to stand on. That being said, I adore most of the characters and the voice actors are some of my favorites of all time. It’s also one of those shows that does genuinely make me laugh even when I know I shouldn’t. A guilty pleasure to be sure, but I do still love this show.

FMA9) Fullmetal Alchemist
This was the first anime tht I could consider a “grown up” anime. Before this, it was all Digimon, Yu Gi Oh, etc. There’s not much I can say about this show that hasn’t been said already. It’s a classic and a masterfully made anime. It was the show that got me interested in voice actors and wanting to learn more about the dubbing process. It’s emotional, exciting, and has a special place in the hearts of fans as well as mine.

FoodWars8) Shokugeki No Soma
Another show that has a little more than what’s expected at first glance. The show that many have dubbed “Food Porn” also has characters that are incredibly likable and a story that actually has some solid tension. It’s not always the case where the leads will do perfectly and come out on top, which creates real tension that many shows similar to this miss out on. Laced in with some genuine humor, this show is worth a look for anyone looking for a fun, well done story.

eden of the east7) Eden of the East
This is an extremely over looked anime. Between the premise of the story and the quirky characters, this show is an absolute gem. What really sells me on it though is the performance of Jason Liebrict as Akira Takizawa. He’s funny, engaging, and incredibly impressive. This was the role that made me enjoy him as a voice actor. Every time I watch Eden, I find something new and interesting and that certainly makes it worth the extra look.

princess_tutu6) Princess Tutu
As someone who adores ballet and classical music, this show is such a masterful piece of animation. Don’t let the name decieve you. This anime is a roller coaster of emotion, drama, and suspense. Everything seems pretty standard and run of the mill for a magical girl show for the first half, but then everything gets flipped on its head and the once uplifting story becomes surprisingly dark. But that doesn’t change some of the central themes and the attitudes of the characters. It’s wonderful to watch a show that still carries real drama without letting the negativity of story completely drag down everything else.

NA5) Noragami
Another strong story with characters that are incredibly moving. I can’t remember the last time a show made me cry so hard and made me feel so strongly for the characters in the show. The arc with Yukine and him coming to terms with being a regalia is some of the best story telling I’ve ever seen in an anime. That’s in addition to the variety of fantastic characters, each with interesting stories and relationships to each other. I can’t think of a single character I don’t like (except the ones you aren’t suppose to)

YLiA34) Your Lie in April
Continuing on with the string of heart breaking anime, Your Lie In April is fairly new but has already cemented itself as an anime that is going to stay with me the rest of my life. It’s difficult to describe why this show hits me the way it does. Technically, it’s beautiful and incredibly well done. The story is wonderfully masterful and the music is stunning. But this show is so much more than just the typical things that make a good show. It hits everyone differently and for me, it’s the music and how it bonds the characters to each other. There’s much more to it than just that, but this post would go on forever if I got into everything and there’s still three more spots to cover.

gan3) Gankutsuo: The Count of Monte Cristo
Oh my gosh this show is stunning. This is an adaptation of the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, but it’s set in a futuristic evironment. Featuring some of the best voice actors of the time, this anime is a gem that is in desperate need of recognition. From the visuals that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in anime to the interesting twist on the traditional story of revenenge, this is a show that I have recommended to people who want to understand what anime is because this show sums it all up perfectly for me.

attackontitan2) Attack on Titan
What else could I possibly say about how good Attack on Titan is? This show is so solid, I had to track down the manga and read it because I couldn’t wait for season two to come out. There’s so much in this show that anyone could consider good, but for me I am completely blown away by Eren Jeager. He’s an intriguing character to me because of his flaws. He’s reckless, selfish, and down right nieve at times despite living in such a dark world. There’s so much about him that goes beyond a typical shounen hero because, more often than not, he falls desperately short. But that’s just part of what sells him even more for me and is what keeps me hanging on.

melancholy1) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
This is probably going to be a let down considering some of the other titles that are on this list, but I cannot bring myself to put anything above this show. This was the one that completely cemented my love for anime, for voice acting, heck I even started dating my boyfriend because of this show. The cast is small, but it doesn’t get boing to have the same characters all the time. It’s a simple show about two high school kids trying to figure out what they want out of life, one is just a little more eccentric than the other. It’s considered a classic by many and I consider it my absolute favorite anime of all time.

Thanks so much for taking a look! This was such a hard list to make because so many good shows have been a part of my life. If you have a list of favorite anime, I would love to see it! Leave a quick comment or make your own post on a blog, Facebook, Twitter, where ever. So many times, fans don’t talk about their favorite shows and I would love to encourage that kind of talk again. Keep an eye out for another favorites list coming soon!


2 thoughts on “[Let’s Talk: Top Ten] My Top Ten Favorite Anime

  1. I keep avoiding trying to determine my favourite anime all up but if I did do a list, Haruhi would definitely be on it. I know it rubs a lot of people the wrong way but it just sucked me striaght in and I loved watching every minute of it.

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