[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 6

Things are about to seriously go down in this battle between hope and despair.

After waking up from an all too vivid nightmare, Naegi realize that everyone he’s with is  still alive. That can only mean someone somewhere else is dead. To try and investigate, he hooks Gekkogahara’s terminal up to the surveillance cameras. While they’re looking around, they discover Tengan’s dead body. Naegi starts to wonder if everything he’s done up till this point was completely pointless since he wasn’t able to stop the killing. However, Monaca (per her plan) is able to convince him that he just needs to remain hopeful and they will find the way out.

DRFA63But, despair lurks around every corner in this killing game.

Kirigiri and the others are investigating the dead bodies and trying to figure out any clues about the attacker that they can. While they’re conducting their search, they come across not one but two bodies. Izayoi and Kimura have both turned up dead, each with a single stab wound to the chest. It seems as though the attacker has a particular method of killing. That doesn’t seem to get them any closer to who the killer is though.

Naegi realizes that they don’t have to stick to the same rules as the original killing game, DRFA61so there may be a way for them to get out. Gekkogahara/Monaca suggests to Naegi that they try to contact outside to the future foundation. In an incredible stroke of luck, they manage to get a hold of Byakuya Togami who was another member of Naegi’s class and participated in the original killing game. Togami tells Naegi that Munakata has sent a massive army to Jabberwock Island where the Remnants of Despair are being kept. He also assures him that back up will be coming to help, including Toko Fukawa and Komaru Naegi.

This is so exciting to see. The entire original gang is getting together to begin the final showdown between hope and despair. What’s wonderful about this is the fact that even Naegi knows he can’t face this battle on his own. He wants to have all of his friends by his side to face the despair together. He’s never faced it alone and he knows there’s no reason to do it now.

DRFA64Everything is about to come to a head as everyone’s hopes ride on the survivors of the original killing game.


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