[Let’s Talk: Anime] Shokugeki No Soma: Second Plate Episode 7

Time for the next round of the Autumn Elections.

This time, it’s going to be Ryo and Hayama against each other in a Western dish cook off. Neither one is put off by the other’s skill. Hayama tries to take the lead with his specialty with spices. But, Ryo is quick to recover and shows off his expertise with seafood. None of these parties is willing to give an inch while they each try to outdo each other.

FWSP72Each chef presents their dish to the judges. First is Hayama. As expected, his duck dish is packed full of several different spices. Each one manages to complement those previous and creates an incredible dish that the judges wouldn’t have thought possible. Right after him, Ryo presents an eel dish that seems pretty standard. Until the judges bite in to find a special filling inside the eel. It’s clear that both have incredible skills in the kitchen and they are almost completely matched in those skills.

It comes at no surprise then the vote is a tie, down to one judge.

The final judge says there’s no way she can FWSP73pick just one dish as the winner. This enrages
the audience, saying that there has to be a winner chosen because that’s the way the Autumn Elections work. However, the chairman of the school decides that, for the first time in school history, the finals will be a three-way battle between Soma, Ryo, and Hayama.

This should come as a surprise as it has been proven that these three are the strongest chefs in the competition, but it still seems a little disappointing that the final won’t be a show down between Soma and just one other competitor. He’s worked so hard to get to the finals to have it come down to him and one other person. While it is understanding there should  the best in the final competition, this seems a little anti climactic.

FWSP74That being said, it certainly seems like the finals are shaping up to be a heated battle.


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