[Let’s Talk: Anime] Cheer Danshi Episode 6

The Breakers team has exploded in ways the boys couldn’t have imagined.

After their debut at the school festival, the boys pulled a lot of attention for other guys interested in joining their team. As expected, they draw in some rather eccentric people who range from ballerinas to break dancers to thugs. Each boy wanting to join was inspired by something about the routine and are anxious to join the team. They even drew the attention of Takagi, the coach of the Dreams team.She’s substantially less impressed and tells the boys they have a lot of work to do.

CD63She starts as their new coach, telling each of the boys where they need to start improving so they can compete to enter a national championship. Specifically, she tries to give Sho more responsiblity but he’s hesitant to accept it. Haru asks Sho if there’s a reason why he’s acting like this. Finally, he confides in Haru why he left cheerleading to begin with. He used to be a part of the Sparks, an incredibly talented cheerleading group. Takagi was the coach for that group and she had a little sister who was a flyer while Sho was her base. During practice one day, Sho dropped her and she injured her back. That’s why he won’t do stunts or act as a base for the Breakers.

Haru can see a little of himself in Sho. He CD62knows that he’s running away from confronting
the Judo Team about why he quit. Even his sister doesn’t understand why he left. However, Haru is starting to find something in the Breakers that he didn’t find in judo, even if he’s not quite sure what that is yet. He’s ready to push forward with the other guys and take the Breakers all the way to the national championship.

One of the most interesting things about this episode is that Takagi gives each of the members a notebook to write their feelings in after each practice. She takes the liberty of filling out the first page and helping them figure out where to start. For Haru, she wrote for him to beat Kazu. The rival dynamic is usually saved for opposing teams when it comes to sports anime. To have a rivalry within the same team and with members who have known each other for so long is a great dynamic to bring to the show. Hopefully, this will actually push Haru but also not strain his relationship with Kazu.

CD64Three months until qualifiers. How will the boys prepare?


2 thoughts on “[Let’s Talk: Anime] Cheer Danshi Episode 6

  1. I really liked the use of the notebook and the fact that each boy has their own focus. This was an interesting episode but it felt fairly packed with all the new characters suddenly crammed into the show.


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