[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3 Despair Arc Episode 6

Hope and Despair have met at Hope’s Peak, but despair seems to have the upper hand.

DRDA61Yukizome has managed to get a trustee’s ID so she can investigate what is going on with the reserve course. It comes as little surprise that the money is being used to fund some rather seedy looking projects. One of these she finds out is the Izuru Kamakura project where the school is attempting to manufacture hope using one of the students from the reserve course. She immediately tells Munakata what’s going on. He tells her that they need to stop this project from continuing because hope can be used to spread despair if the wrong person finds it.

Munakata has no idea how right he is.

Enoshima has made her way into the class of Hope’s Peak and is already starting to poke DRDA65around for the Kamakura Project in order to investigate who they’ve selected as their test subject. With a little help from an unwilling participant, she’s able to gain access to the deepest places of the school where the experiments on Hinata are continuing as planned. However, it’s already very clear that he’s different from who he was before. When Enoshima tries to attack him, he easily avoids everything she can throw at him. She’s overwhelmed but this is exactly what she wanted. She invites Hinata/Kamakura to join her in the filling the world with despair because he would be the only interesting thing for him.

It’s interesting to see Enoshima bringing someone over to the side of despair. Fans of the games will know that she has always been called either charismatic or has done something to bring others to her side. With Kamakura, she’s just enthralled with him. There’s nothing meant to be subtle or well thought out about how to convince him to join her. She knows he’s bored with hope because he can just expect talent from others and all she can tell him is that despair will be more interesting for him. The even more crazy thing is that this at least makes him interested. It’s hard to say if this will be the only thing that convinces him to join Enoshima, but it does make sense that this would be at least part of it.

DRDA64With one recruit, will Enoshima find others to join her cause?



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