[Let’s Talk: Anime] D.Gray-Man Hollow Simuldub

D.Gray-Man Hollow is a continuation of the original anime. This time around, Allan is on close watch from the higher ups of the Black Order. They believe him to be carrying the Fourteenth within his body. As a Noah, it’s difficult to say when Allan will lose control of his body and end up surrendering it to the Fourteenth. Allan is sure that he will be fine because he is an exorcist, but it’s possible that Allan may not be as in control of his mind as he thought.

What fantastic about this is almost the entire original cast has returned to the series. It’s also interesting because viewers can actually see how they’ve grown as actors. Many of these performers were just starting out on the anime scene, but still had talent that was engaging and exciting to see being brought on to Funimation. Now, many of them are household names among fans. To have them back on for the series shows an impressive dedication from Funimation that isn’t always seen in American casts but is quite typical of Japanese casts.

However, there are some new additions to this cast. One of the biggest changes was Ian Sinclair as Yu Kanda. Ian has an impressive collection of rolesĀ at Funimation so bringing him onto the project is no surprise. On the one hand, Ian and the original voice actor, Travis Willingham, have similar vocal ranges which makes the transition between actors much smoother. That being said Ian still brings a different, sort of subtle aggression to Kanda as he has to decide if he’s going to defend Allen or eventually kill him.

While it is fairly easy to pick up on the story without having to watch the rest of the show, it does lead to some confusion for the first few episodes. The first episode immediately starts off with Allen being accused of having the Fourteenth in his body and the last English dubbed episode had the crew still looking for General Cross. It’s not difficult to catch up with the show since it’s only about fifty episodes, but for those that are expecting to just watch Hollow as a means to get into D.Gray-Man, it doesn’t serve that purpose. However, the dub is engaging enough that the show is still entertaining and worth working through the bit of confusion.

D.Gray-Man Hollow airs on Funimation.com on Wednesday nights at 9:00pm as part of the dubbletalk block.


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