[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Future Arc Episode 7

The Ultra Despair Girls are about to face off once again. 

DRFA72On Togami’s orders, Toko Fukawa and Komaru Naegi are heading through Towa City to try and find where Monaka Towa is hiding out. The two have experience not only with the city but with Monaka since Komaru had to fight against her before. Using the hacking gun that Togami gave her, she’s able to fight with Fukawa’s alternate personality, Genecider Shou, to fight off the waves of Monokuma that have taken over the city. They reach Monaka’s hide out and prepare to fight off against the heir of despair.

Except Monaka gives up almost immediately.

They ask her why she would just surrender so easily. It turns out that Monaka thinks the DRFA74idea of hope and despair is too much for her, mainly because the person who wanted to make her Enoshima’s successor kind of ruined the idea for her.She is privy to the plan of the traitor and even knows who it is. Even though she doesn’t tell Komaru and Fukawa who is behind it, she does tell them that someone from the original killing game is going to die because of Naegi.

With this news, Komaru and Fukawa are desperate to get in touch with Naegi. They manage to hijack Monaka’s system with her Gekkogahara robot. They are able to get through to him and explain everything Monaka told them. Unfortunately, most of the survivors are separated from each other and can’t even come up with a battle plan.

This was a mixed bag to watch. While Monaka never was the mastermind behind everything, it was still a little aggravating to see her opt out the way she did. Granted, she is a child and really has no way to gage the ramifications of what she’s doing so on the one hand it’s understandable that she would get bored with the “adult’s war”. But it is a little disappointing though to see the storyline with Monaka end in such an anticlimactic way. Those who haven’t played the games will wonder what the point of having her in the story was while fans of the game may feel cheated by such a lackluster pay off.

DRFA75One survivor is slated to die. Who will be taken by despair?


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