[Let’s Talk: Top Ten] My Top Ten Favorite Video Games

Here’s a little more fun for my Getting to Know Me Month!

This was an incredibly fun list to come up with and it actually is quite telling about my interests, not just with video games but with humor and story telling. I hope you guys enjoy taking a look!

FFX.jpg10) Final Fantasy X
This was one of the very first video games I ever played that wasn’t some kind of educational computer game. I absolutely adored everything about this game. What struck me was the music. I had never heard anything other than what would be considered 8 bit. While I have played other Final Fantasy games, this one holds a special place for being the first.

hatsune-miku-project-diva-f9) Project Diva F
I’m a big fan of rhythm games and of Vocaloid so what could be better than putting the two of them together? I’ve played all of them but this is the one with the most songs I knew before playing and the one that gave me most songs that I still listen today. It’s a pretty easy rhythm game to pick up and learn which also makes it easy to master.

apollo-justice-and-trucy-wright8) Apollo Justice
So, unpopular opinion time. I actually like Apollo Justice as character more than Phoenix Wright. I love the relationships he develops and the way he works with Trucy. Plus his special trait as an attorney makes for an interesting gaming mechanic. Not to mention I think he has a little more confidence than Phoenix which makes him a little easier to invest in.

Persona_3_Portable_artwork7) Persona 3 Portable
There are so many good games in this series, but this version of Persona 3 offers so much to the player. There’s the option to play as a female protagonist, which allows new social links to open up and adds so many additional layers to the story. For fun, there are new costumes that can be given to characters and used in battle as different forms of armor. This is one game that definitely made investing in a PSP totally worth it.

FEA6) Fire Emblem: Awakening
I’m not the biggest fan of strategy games. I usually lose track of what I’m doing and end up totally getting my butt kick by something I didn’t see. However, this game didn’t make strategy the only thing that was important about the game. Learning about the characters and having them interact with each other helps to power up the characters and make them more formidable on the battle field. With a great story and incredible characters as a driving force, it’s really hard not to like this game.

maxresdefault5) The World Ends With You
This is a game that deserves a little more recognition. It’s a unique JRPG with dual screen combat on the DS. Additionally, the equipment system is one of the most in-depth ones I’ve ever seen. Fashion is the focus, so where you are in Shinjuku will determine what the best outfit to wear is while the player is in combat. Not to mention the awesome twist that happens at the end of the game, The World Ends With You still holds up as my favorite DS game.

header4) Psychonauts
This game is pure fun and insanity. Created by some of the great minds behind classic Lucasarts adventure games from the late 80s into the 90s, Psychonauts is a platformer about kids who attend a psychic summer camp. Each level is unique and takes place in the mind of one of the many characters throughout the game. It’s vibrant and colorful which makes it a welcome change of pace from some of the more monotone games that are out there. And there are so many good quotes from this game that I use way more often than I probably should. I still default to this game whenever I need a good laugh.

resident_evil_4-13) Resident Evil 4
It’s undeniable how masterful this game is. I had never played a horror game before and this was quite an introduction. The quick combat, the one death cutscenes, and the genuine scares engraved this game into my memory. My favorite thing about this game was the monsters. Each one of them was challenging and presented something new for me to work through as I desperately hoped I wouldn’t run out of ammo. It’s my favorite game to go do during the Halloween season or when I think I need a good scare.

maxresdefault12) Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
This may come as a shock to those who follow my blog, but I’m a big fan of Dangan Ronpa. I enjoy each of the games and I think that each one has something interesting that it brings to the franchise either through the gameplay or the story. This instalment, however, has all of my favorites. My favorite character, my favorite trial, the favorite twist, my favorite mechanic in the gameplay. The story explodes in terms of where the first game started and takes everything to the next level. There’s so many good things about this game. This is what made me love Dangan Ronpa so much and what continues to be the standard that I hold other games I play up to.

kav7fo5ibbhtr2d6o37g1) Kingdom Hearts II
Prepare for nothing but honest fangirling because this game is my number one because of how much I love this series. This is that kind of series that I will defend no matter how insane and how ridiculous it gets. I love Disney and I love Square Enix titles, so making a combination of the two is just going to fuel that crazy fangirl nature. Out of all the games in the series, I chose this one because it was the first game I ever completely by myself and the first game I ever bought. Not to mention the characters and the bond they share. As cheesey as it is, I love how unbroken the relationship between Sora, Riku and Kairi are. They all really care about each other and it’s refreashing to see such a pure friendship. This game has stuck with me for so long and it will always be my favorite game.

Thanks again for taking a look! Please feel free to share your favorite games or anything else that you love. Be on the look out for one more Getting to Know Me post coming out!


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