[Let’s Talk: Anime] Dangan Ronpa 3: Despair Arc Episode 7

Will Enoshima be able to bring her plan to fruition?

DRDA71The first person Enoshima runs into is the Ultimate Animator, Mitarai. And not his imposter but the real Mitarai. He tells her that he’s working on an anime and she doesn’t think there’s anything too special about that. But, once she hears him talk about it she decides to take a look at it. She is surprisingly moved by his anime and asks him how he could make something like this. He explains to Enoshima that his uses every skill he has, such as subtle changes in the art, to make it so everyone is touched by his anime.

Enoshima might be able to do something with this, but she’s late for her date with Kamakura.

Her date includes breaking him out and taking him to the main campus of Hope’s Peak DRDA72where she has gathered the student council. She and Ikusaba explain that they have gotten everyone together because the council is going to kill each other so they can protect their secrets that Enoshima has on video. At first, the council stands in their resolve not to kill each other but it doesn’t take long for one member to become scared and start murdering everyone. Kamakura watches as everyone completely murders each other and even one members to kill him, which surprises Kamakura.

There is one final piece to the puzzle though. She takes footage from the massacre with Kamamura and sends it to all the members of the reserve course. She tells them all about ¬†how their tuition funds were used to fund this program and this is the result of all those experiments. Naturally, the reserve course is outraged and tries to demand answers from the main campus. The higher-ups want to sweep the whole affair under the rug, but it seems as though Hope’s Peak has run out of excuses.

DRDA73This is considered to be the start of the Tragedy of Hope’s Peak. Enoshima is trying to see what kind of despair she can bring to the school and all because she’s bored with the way the world of hope is. The crazy thing is that it’s kind of easy to side with Enoshima in terms of why she would do this to a place like Hope’s Peak. So far, this series has shown what a shady place the school so it’s almost gratifying to watch something awful happen there. The best part is that Enoshima does it in an over the top way that is expected of her that included hammy speeches and making her sister sing a song with a upifting theme while the students killed each other. It’s exciting to see this finally animated after hearing it talked about for so long in the other games.

What despair will Enoshima continue to bring to Hope’s Peak and its’ students?


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