[Let’s Talk: Real Talk] Some Plans for the Future

So, I’ve been thinking about my blog and there are going to be a few changes here. The reason I’m making these changes is because my job comes first and foremost. I work nearly forty hours a week at sometimes very early hours of the morning. Most of the time, if I don’t get content out, it’s because I come home from work and fall asleep.

This is why I’m going to be changing a few things with what content I put up.

For the immediate season, I will be stopping my posts on Cheer Danshi. This is the show that I miss the most frequently. I’ll be able to keep up on Dangan Ronpa and Shokugeki no Soma. I’m very sorry to have to drop a show like this.

As for next season, most of my attention will switch towards dubbed content as well as more manga and books. These will be easier for me to get out since I can multitask  while I work. I do enjoy newer shows and I wouldn’t mind continuing to write about them, but if nothing in the season catches my eye then I won’t force myself.

I do want to thank everyone who has been reading and commenting on the content I have been putting out. I will do my best to keep you guys updated and to give you something you can continue to enjoy!


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