[Let’s Talk: Anime] Handa-Kun Simuldub

What happens when everyone at school is out to get you, except they aren’t? 

Handa-kun follows the story of Seishuu Handa, a young high schooler who has to deal with the endless stream of bullies that populate his school. They brutally torture and tease him to the point where he can’t do anything without getting stared at where ever he goes. It’s so bad that even the girls make fun of him.

Or are they really?

Little does Handa know that everyone at school thinks he’s literally the greatest thing ever. Each person who interacts with Handa is impressed by his actions and the things he does. If anything, almost all the students have been touched in one way or another by Handa’s amazing insight and nonchalant attitude.

The humor of this show comes from the contrasting internal monologues between Handa and the other students. This makes for interesting relationships between the characters because so many things happen without a single word being physically spoken.These humorous moments are brought to life by an incredible cast of talent at Funimation.

The most impressive performance is Robert McCollum as Handa. This is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen him in. Handa has to carry entire episodes practically by himself since most of his dialogue is internal. It’s absolutely insane how far he will go to think that his classmates hate him. At the same time, this is the humor of the show and Robert is hysterical to listen to.

It’s easy for a show like this to slip under the cracks with many other fantastic and big name shows out this season, but it’s important to pay attention to all the titles that come out. This is a fun, light hearted show that is refreshing to see.

Handa-Kun is available on Funimation Now Fridays at 8:30pm.


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