[Let’s Talk: Real Talk] More Plans for the Future

Hey everyone. So I guess you’ve all probably noticed the incredible lack of content on the blog. I feel like I owe you guys an explination.

First off, and I’ve mentioned this before, my job has recently been kicking my butt. I have crazy, inconsistant hours ranging from working at 3 in the morning or working till 10 at night. This really throws off my sleeping schedule so I haven’t had the time to keep with my series the way I would like to. I’ve only just started watched the shows I was so behind on, but even then I’m not completely caught up.

I do love writing for this blog and I really enjoy talking to you guys. So, in order to keep doing this the way that I want to, I’m going to change my focus a bit. For now, my focus is mainly going to be simuldubs and any light novels I’ve been reading. That means that content will be a little lacking for a while, having only one or two posts a week. However, this is going to help me settle into more of a rhythm so I could have more focus.

As the season wraps up, I’ll be talking about any shows I’ve been watching instead of doing episodic reviews. I feel like I’m a little better at gathering my thoughts when I have something more complete to work with. Additionally, I have a couple other ideas for content I want to had that require a little less work on my part so I will be working on bringing those to light as well.

As always, thank you so much for your patience with me guys. I’m excited to get myself back into the swing of things and will work to get things together as soon as I can!


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