[Let’s Talk: Anime] The Disastrous Life of Saiki K Dub

So there’s a young boy who is a little different from others and the punch line is he’s psychic. While that might not seem like a very interesting premise, what’s different is Kusuo Saiki is very away of his abilities and has actually spent years trying to master them. He doesn’t want to stand out in anyway  so he goes to great lengths to try to avoid using his powers, or really from interacting with anyone at all, in order to try and just blend in.But with so many wacky characters in his life, Kusuo is sometimes forced to use his powers so trying to blending in is more than a little tricky. It’s a down right disaster.

One of the most unique things about Kusuo as a main character is that he barely talks. Instead, he monologues throughout an episode to keep the viewer informed about other characters as well his predicaments when it comes to trying to blend in. This requires a certain talent from a voice actor, meaning they have to carry the entire show without their character really interacting with any of the other ones.

For this dub, Funimation has found the perfect lead in Jerry Jewell.

What really sells this performance is actually the natural tone of Jewell’s voice. Not only does he have to play neutral indifference, but he also plays a character who believes himself to be surrounded by nothing but morons. There’s something about the way Jewell’s voice is that makes his performance as Kusuo even more natural. It comes off as completely effortless and adds to the humor of the show since Kusuo is surrounded by so many more dynamic characters than him.

The rest of the cast is hysterical as fodder to the near dead pan character of Kusuo. From his parents who can’t make up their minds about anything to his friends that are way too energetic for someone like him, each character has an incredible actor behind them. One of the best things to see is that some of these voice actors play more subdued or even evil characters, so it’s great to see them in an off the wall comedy where more often than not they are the punch line.

This is a dub that is in some serious need of attention. It’s hysterical and incredibly well done. With a lead who couldn’t careless and a cast that won’t leave him alone, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is one of the best simuldubs that has come out this year. Funimation even released the dub on their site in larger collections of about four or five episodes per week as one video, so it’s really easy to catch up on. Check it out on Funimation Now.


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