[Let’s Talk: Top Ten] The Top Five Anime I don’t Understand the Hate For

We do not all agree on the same anime. It’s one of the things I like about being a fan of anything.  There’s so much discussion that stems from our difference in taste and it’s interesting to me to hear how one show can be life changing to one person while another can see a show as just ok. When fans can have good conversations about their different interests, that’s when it’s fun to debate shows that we may not see eye to eye on.Then there are the more extreme opinions that make these discussions almost impossible.

To go along with my post earlier this week, I decided to talk about some anime that I don’t understand the hate for. These are shows that fans adamantly speak out against, calling some of them the worst shows ever. For someone not to enjoy a show is one thing, there is even a show on this list that I don’t particularly enjoy myself, but I’m talking about shows that fans insist have nothing good about them or that they aren’t worth taking a look at. So, these are my top five anime that I don’t understand the hate for.

DRA15) Dangan Ronpa: The Animation
This one is on a much smaller scale than the others on this list, but it’s still something that I’ve noticed as a fan of the series. Now the anime is not great by any means. There’s a lot of stuff that gets left out and many of the great characters are reduced to nothing but tropes. That doesn’t mean that it still can’t be used to bring in more fans. However, many fans have considered this one of the worst adaptations they’ve ever seen and that the anime is such a dis service to the series. I’ve seen much worse and the near outrage from fans seems totally blow out of proportion.

melancholy4) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
I remember when this show came out and everyone lost their minds over it, myself included. This is a well done show with an interesting story and characters that can keep the audience engaged despite how few of them there are. Unfortunately for this series, these points have been dwarfed by some of the over enthusiastic fans who consider this to be the greatest anime that has ever been created and that any fans who don’t watch Haruhi aren’t real anime fans. It’s a shame that people will overlook a series or call it bad because fans of the series belittle those who don’t agree with them, but there seems to be a lot of that surrounding Haruhi.

naruto.png3) Naruto
Full disclosure, I don’t like this show. It’s not a series I ever followed or that I enjoyed. But I’m one to admit when something just isn’t my cup of tea yet admit that others might enjoy it. I can see why people like Naruto, but I can’t for the life of me understand why people despise it so much. Many will knock the ninja mythology of the show or see it as crude with terrible humor. Others say the characters are awful and not the investment from fans. The biggest criticism seems to be the ninja in general, but it doesn’t seem fair to compare the culture of the show to real ninja culture. Of all the shounen shows I’ve seen, this is definitely not the worst one.

attackontitan2) Attack on Titan
I absolutely bought into the hype of this show. The action kept me on my seat, the animation is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I adore the totally flawed protagonist. But, what’s surprising to me is the amount of hate this show gets for being serious. The series has been criticized for being too serious of a show or that the story takes itself too seriously. I mean, it’s a serious show for sure. You get attached to a character and there is a very likely possibility that they will die or something will happen to mess them. That’s one of the best parts. It’s interesting that any character could be vulnerable to that fate. This is definitely meant to be a bleaker show and if that’s not you’re cup of tea, that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean that a show is bad.

sao1) Sword Art Online
I have never been able to hear the end of my friends who do not like this show. No matter how many times they tell me how much they don’t like how OP Kirito is or how flat of a character he is or how the show is nothing but harem bait, I just don’t see it. Kirito is one of my favorite characters in anime because of how much he loves Asuna, his wife FYI, and how far he’s willing to go for her. I don’t consider him OP because of the fact that he is in a virtual world and his hobby is video games, so he would understand exploits about a game he’s passionate about. As for the harem feel, it’s honestly not that bad since none of these girls are meant to be love interests except for Asuna. This might be a full article for another time, but the long and the short of it is I love Sword Art Online and I do not understand why this show gets so much hate.

Sorry for the shorter list. This one was really hard to think of. I would love to see in the comments any anime that you guys think gets a little too much hate. Thanks again for taking a look!


13 thoughts on “[Let’s Talk: Top Ten] The Top Five Anime I don’t Understand the Hate For

    1. From what I’ve seen, it seems like it’s more Kirito and the “harem” that everyone has a problem with rather than any story issues. But that’s not to say people don’t like the story. I’ve heard it called a “.Hack rippoff”


  1. I’ve never really got the hate for SAO (but it is definitely out there). Haruhi is another one where hating it has just kind of become a past time for some people who endlessly want to tell you how horrendous the endless 8 were. Oh well. I don’t get why some shows are totally loved either so to each their own.

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  2. I’m actually really surprised by the hate for the Danganronpa animation. The anime was what got me into the entire series, and I actually thought it was alright. But like what Karandi said, some people like to hate on things, just for the sake of hating on it.

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    1. I’ve never understood disliking something just to hate on it. I mean it’s one thing to just not like something because you aren’t into it, but to full out be like “This is the worst thing ever just because I don’t like it”, I don’t get it.

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  3. I hated Naruto because …. fillers period. I never understood why people are so into it that it became the mainstream anime front face


    1. I get the dislike for filler, but there are tons of anime that do that. Naruto didn’t seem like any worse offender for something like that. But then I didn’t watch nearly as much Naruto as I did like DBZ or anything so maybe it got worse further on.

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      1. In terms of fillers, there are few anime that utilizes them but also progress the story such as Soul Eater or Full Metal Alchemist but in Naruto’s case, it’s like seeing Captain Tsubasa running in the field for 3 episodes

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  4. I have my own gripes with SAO, but I have calmed down on my opinion of it despite it still being the pariah of anime to most people. There are much more deserving anime for that though. On the other hand Naruto had one of my favourite sequences done in the manga and executed it beautifully in the anime. That Zabuza arc was one of the reasons I watch anime to this day. Though the filler does kill a lot of the flow for the anime, and it wasn’t particularly memorable even though it makes up almost half of the first series. It doesn’t deserve hate in my opinion since it has done some really great scenes. Maybe more indifference.

    Danganronpa is one where the hate comes from it being mostly a video game adaptation that didn’t have enough room to really breathe. I was introduced to the series that way and I can say with no shame that I have watched the series about fiftteen times to people and got a lot of people on board with it even to the point of having a bunch of my friends come over for a playthrough of the second game to get them caught up to speed for the third anime. I think it does what it needs to do and despite it not having enough time per se to get the idiosyncrasies of every character out, does indeed make for a compelling watch for newcomers of the series. I agree with you 100%!


    1. I know people’s gripes with SAO and I get why they don’t enjoy the show. But some of the hate I’ve heard towards the show is just ridiculous. Like Kirito is no worse than any other protagonist but they act like he’s such a scum bag. It’s frustrating.
      As for Dangan, I appreciate the show for getting fans who don’t have a vita or the game into the series. Even if I know a lot is left out, if others can enjoy it and be brought to the franchise than I think that’s a good thing.

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