[Let’s Talk: Anime] Throwback Thursday Dub- Soul Eater

Many fans fell in love with the creepy and unique aesthetic of Soul Eater. From the quirky characters to the colorful Death City, there was something about this show that fans gravitated to. The relationships between weapons and meisters was an interesting dynamic that made some of the characters more endearing and allowed fans to find a team they could cheer on or relate to the most.

So, has the dub been able to keep this show going several years later?

se2Unfortunately, the problem with this dub is how incredibly forgettable it is. There is some incredible talent in this show, such as Laura Bailey and Todd Haberkorn to name a few, and this was the start of a few careers as well, including Cherami Leigh and Micah Solusod. However, none of these performances really stand out as anything great. No one in the cast stands out during the dub as anything interesting or special. It’s actually rather bland sounding when compared to the visuals of the show.

But is that necessarily the dubs’ fault?

This does seem to be a pretty weak dub all things considered. The writing is clunky, se3making some of the lines just come off as bizarre. As a result, the lines are delivered awkwardly and it completely pulls the viewer out of the experience. It’s hard to become invested in the characters and their struggles if the audience is constantly thinking about the actors and how they sound. It destroys the illusion that viewers are watching characters because they are so focused on the performance and how that sounds. This makes it difficult to actually focus on the show and if it’s any good or not.

But then, Soul Eater itself isn’t all that memorable.

se4The show was entertaining for its time, but Soul Eater really has no staying power. Many of these actors are more well known for other roles and don’t really stand out in this show. This is enhanced by awkward scripts that pull the viewer out of the experience. The fun and sometimes spooky feel of the show is lost on a forgettable dub that fans won’t be searching out any time soon.


4 thoughts on “[Let’s Talk: Anime] Throwback Thursday Dub- Soul Eater

  1. I love Soul Eater but I couldn’t stand the dub and only watch this subbed. It was more the writing of the dub than the delivery that makes it so hard to listen to.


    1. I totally agree. These are some top notch actors so when I watched the dub, I struggled to figure out why I didn’t like it so much. This time around, the writing really stood out to me as super awkward.

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