[Let’s Talk: Anime] Throwback Thursday Dub- Ghost Hunt

A young girl with a slight sensitivity to the paranormal and an investigating prodigy who sees something interesting in her.Ghost Hunt follows Mai, a student whose school has an abandoned building on campus that is rumored to be haunted. To handle the situation, the school hires a young man named Kazuya who is an expert in paranormal investigation. He comes off as rather cold and insulting towards others, especially Mai who nicknames him Naru the Narcissist. With the help of a few other occult experts, Mai is able to help Naru put the spirit to rest. Intrigued by her abilities, Naru brings her onboard to work for him at his agency.
While this show offers nothing too special or unique, it is a fun show that offers some gh2interesting looks at different types of paranormal activity. Each expert is from a different culture or religion, so they each have different rituals that can examine and protect against spirits. Naru, on the other hand, is more of a scientific mind and mainly uses technology to investigate these cases. This does give him more of a cold and calculating persona, which is balanced out by Mai’s more nurturing nature as well as the fact that she won’t let him get away with behaving like that.

As for the dub, it’s surprisingly well done.
Again, the show itself is nothing too interesting but the dub is what sells it. gh4Because of the smaller cast, the actors are able to shine through. Cherami Leigh is perfect for the
compassionate and sometimes hot tempered Mai while Todd Habberkorn plays a perfect counter to her since Naru is very cool and distant. The two create a perfect dycotomy which makes the series pretty fun as well. The other cast members perform well, but it’s the connection between Leigh and Habberkorn that stands above the others.

While Ghost Hunt is not bring anything new to the table, it’s still something charming and fun for anyone looking for a different title to watch. The different looks at how paranormal activity is investigated along with some interesting ghost stories that the group stumbles upon. With a few stand out performances, the dub gives the show a little something extra to enjoy. Fans looking for something new this Halloween season should check out Ghost Hunt.


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