[Let’s Talk: Conventions] Grand Rapids Comic Con

I had the privilege of attending Grand Rapids Comic Con this past weekend. While I’m not the biggest comic book fan, I knew there were at least a few things there I could enjoy. Unlike normal anime conventions, comic cons have more turned into a geeky, pop culture sort of convention that include guest from all aspects of different fandoms. From cosplay to vendors, there is something that every fan to enjoy.

The main draw to comic con is the vendor room. Not only was there awesome booths to buy merchandise at, but this was one of the most diverse group of artists I have ever seen. It was awesome to see so many artists I’d never seen at conventions before. The best part of that was that most of them were local either to Grand Rapids or the Midwest part of the country. Because this isn’t as big as other conventions, these artist are getting substantially more exposure for their books, their comics, or anything they want to put out to the public. It’s refreshing to see new talent as opposed to the same dozen artist that go to seemingly every convention.

Here are some of the artists and authors I checked out:
Sampop and Gavsby (additional content to come)
Klynn Smith (additional content to come)
Comfort and Adam (additional content to come)
Stuart Sayger
Ailithir O McGill
Bryan Donihue (additional content to come)
Rachel Kelly (additional content to come)
Corinne Roberts

What was also refreshing were the fans themselves. I’m not much of a cosplayer. I’m not a particularly crafty person and I always cosplay obscure things with clothes I buy at a thrift store. However, I’m always impressed when I see what fans can put together when they are passionate about something they watch or read. With Comic Con, there was so much diversity with the cosplayers in terms of skill level and fandoms. I won’t say that one type of genre was more represented than another. It was fun to see a little bit of everything represented and not just one fandom or game.

There are a lot of draws to conventions like Grand Rapids Comic Con. It’s a great place for local talent to shine when they might otherwise not get a chance. Additionally, fans seem more laid back and have more fun with cosplay. It’s a great convention for those who have never been to one, but it’s also a relief for those who are maybe sick of larger cons. I had a great time hanging out at Grand Rapids Comic Con and I hope to go again in the future.



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