[Let’s Talk: Anime] Funimation Fall Simuldub 2016

With the new merger between Funimation and Crunchyroll, there’s a shift in content between both of the sites. Crunchyroll will begetting the new shows from Japan and subbing them while Funimation will be focusing exclusively on dubbing the new shows. This is exciting for someone like me because now I don’t have to wait all that long for English content to come out. Now, I haven’t seen any of these shows so I’m making judgements based solely on the cast lists. I’ve really been looking forward to a lot of these titles so let’s jump right into what funimation has to offer this year!

monster-hunter-stories-520x245Monster Hunter Stories Ride On (Airing Sundays at 9:30pm)
I haven’t had much luck with with adaptation shows lately, but I did enjoy PuzzlesxDragons last season. It as a cute show based on a game franchise in Japan. I have no experience with Monster Hunter so that will either help me enjoy it or I’ll be lost in references that I don’t understand. The cast is pretty small and it’s a great list of talent. I’m more excited for the cast than the show itself, but it might be fun.

91days91 Days (Airing Sundays at 10:00pm)
This is the show I was most excited for. I’ve always felt that gangster anime does better in English because of the time and the culture. It’s very specific to America and the accents always give the dub and extra flair that the Japanese performance doesn’t have. Add that with one of my favorite actors leading the cast and I have high hopes for this show.

orange-animeOrange (Airing Mondays at 9:30pm)
This is probably the most rounded cast out of all the announcements. It has a good balance of familiar talent and new actors in the lead roles. Because of how subtle and quiet I’ve heard this show is, I think it will work out well. What really sells me is Jerry Jewell directing. I think he works well with new talent and will be able to really bring out something special with this dub.

yurioniceYuri!! On Ice (Airing Mondays at 10:00pm)
This is the only show I’ve seen so far and I am so excited to hear the dub. The cast looks incredible and has a massive amount of established talent. This is mainly me being a fan girl because I have followed many of these actors from their first performances, and I’ll straight up admit that, but I still think that the show will be one of the most stand out from the season.

jokergameJoker Game (Airing Tuesdays at 9:30pm)
Again, I’m fan girling over this cast because of how much I adore Josh Grelle as an actor. I love stories about World War Two and what that meant for Japan. The history there is really interesting and it’s intriguing to me to see the opposite perspective. I have no idea how accurate it will be, but it will at least make for an interesting

keijoKeijo!!!!!!! (Airing Tuesdays at 10:00pm)
I have honestly no desire to watch this show. Part of me feels guilty for that because I know a few people in the cast and I’m thrilled to see them get cast in a show, but I cannot bring myself to be excited for this show. The story seems vapid and shallow with nothing interesting or funny about it. I’ll probably check it out, but it’s a very low priority.

relifeRELife (Airing Wednesdays at 9:30pm)
I have no knowledge of this show except what the summary shows on Funimation’s site. I’m excited for the cast but I have no idea if the show is going to be good or bad. Then again, I can usually overlook a sub par show if the cast is good and the cast does look promising.

izettaIzetta The Last Witch (Airing Wednesdays at 10:00pm)
I’m not familiar with many of the people in this cast, but this shows one of the nice thing about Funimation focusing on dubs. More talent came come through and it allows more diversity with actors on different projects. I’m going to reserve judgement until I watch the shows because I want to think that this is a good thing.


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