[Let’s Talk: Top Tens] My Top Ten Favorite English Voice Actors

The new simuldub season has started and I have found myself knee deep in some awesome new dubs. While watching a lot of these shows, I’m excited to see a lot of returning favorites of mine. But it also got me thinking about what actors I really enjoy who may or may not be as prevalent on the anime scene any more. Sometimes I like to go back and watch older shows just to hear some of my favorite performances, even if the shows aren’t that great. I adore these guys and wanted to give them a little extra love, so here are my top ten favorite English voice actors.

YLiA110) Max Mittleman
I haven’t seen much of Max’s work, but what I have seen has been incredibly impressive. He can transition between a hot headed teenager and a monotone superhero. My favorite of his roles is Kousei Arima in Your Lie In April. It’s a stunning, heartbreaking performance that captures Max’s diverse talent perfectly. I honestly think he’s vastly underrated and I would love to see him in more projects.

eden of the east9) Jason Liebrecht
What I love about Jason is his energy in any role he plays. Usually, he plays an upbeat or rather goofy character and he brings such a vibrant, fun energy to those roles. Every now and then, he gets a more serious role that carries such an intensity it makes it impossible to look away from him. The one role of his that stands out the most is Akira Takizawa from Eden of the East. It perfectly encompasses everything that I enjoy about his performances and how his characters have such an infectious energy.

MHA18) Justin Briner
One of the newer names at Funimation, Justin has made an impact with every role he has been a part of. From a stoic vampire to an insecure animator, Justin is relatable in each performance. I always want to root for his character even if they’re incredibly misguided or kind of an idiot. My favorite role of his so far is Izuku Midoria in My Hero Academia. It’s a wonderful blend of a character that you desperate want to do well, but you also know has a lot to learn before he can achieve his goals. Justin brings a wonderful vulnerability to the character without making him pathetic. I think he has a bright future at Funimation and I can’t wait for more.

zen7)  Josh Grelle
Speaking of a dynamic roles, Josh has done nearly everything imaginable at Funimation. A devil, a titan fighter, an elite spy. Even recently, Josh was just cast in Drifters, adding to his ever growing resume. However, it was his incredibly low key performance as Prince Zen from Snow White with the Red Hair that stands as my personal favorite. It was so different from anything else he’s ever done and I think it’s still different from anything else. Josh has a few new titles he’s in this season that I’m very excited for.

haruhi26) Crispin Freeman
One of the most well known names in anime, Crispin has done everything under the sun. Many people remember him for the hellish vampire Alucard or his aggressive performance of Shizuo Haiwajima. But to me, the role that stands out the most is Kyon from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Crispin plays the every man in the center of insanity. He’s hilarious, relatable, and the core of this show which is only exemplified by the subtle touches of sarcasm and humor that Crispin lends to Kyon. It’s a fantastic performance in an already impressive library.

5) Johnny Yong Bosch
So many people have such a dynamic opinion of Johnny and his performances. It’s difficult to think of an anime from about 2005-2012 that came out of LA without Johnny’s name on it. He has even been added to a few titles this year alone. Of everyone on this list, it was the hardest to pick just one performance that is my favorite. In the end, it’s a tie between Lelouche from Code Geass and Izaya Orihara from Durarara. Both are hammy and so exaggerated in their own way, but they are both so dynamicaly opposed. They show everything that Johnny is capable of as an actor.

yukine-profile4) Micah Solusod
Debatably, Micah can be considered as one of the first voices of this new generation of voice actors. Between deranged psychopaths and heroic teenagers, Micah does seem to have fallen into a niche of roles. Recently though, his roles have become for diverse as he’s expanded his acting chops. particularly, his role as Yukine in Noragami is the most diverse out of anything else he has done. It has been so long since a performance has made me cry so hard, I had to stop watching the show. It’s always exciting as a fan to find an actor that can stir such a powerful reaction.

suzaku_kururugi_43) Yuri Lowenthal
This is the very first voice actor that I actively started following. I looked into all the roles he performed in and became fascinated by how diverse his roles were. One of my favorite things about him was how distinct his voice is, yet you can watch his performance and not immediately think ‘Oh that’s Yuri’. You’re always focused on his character. A perfect example is his role of Suzaku in Code Geass. Dynamic, emotional, and powerful, Yuri brought an incredible energy to Suzaku that stuck with me even years later.

toptenva72) Austin Tindle
Honestly, I didn’t think much of Austin the first time I heard him. Tokyo Ghoul was the first role I saw him in and I thought he was good, but nothing really stuck with me. Since his premiere role, though, Austin has only been getting better and better. His best performance so far was Karma Akabane in Assassination Classroom. Austin brings an incredible personality to Karma that was so different from the subdued Kaneki. Every time I see Austin’s name in a cast, I immediately get excited because I can’t wait to see what he’s going to bring to new performances. I hope he’ll be around for many more performances.

DRFA11) Bryce Papenbrook
Anyone who knows me will see this coming. It’s difficult to put into words everything it is about Bryce that I enjoy. It’s even more difficult to summarize his career. For the past five years, so many shows have come out that Bryce has been a part of that narrowing down the top performances seems completely impossible. There are even roles that he’s been in that I haven’t had a chance to look into because of how extensive his resume is. However, it’s the role of Makoto Naegi in Dangan Ronpa that is always going to stick with me. This character has grown so much between the games and anime and Bryce has been there every step of the way. It’s been a thrill to watch every aspect of this character be explored and to watch Bryce bring that to life as my favorite performance out of any he has done.

Thanks for taking a look at my list! Let me know if there are any voice actors you are interested. There are so many talented people in the industry that this list was so hard to narrow down to just ten. In fact, there are so many that I’m already working on a seperate list just for voice actresses, so be on the look out for that!


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