[Let’s talk: Real Talk] Two Weeks of Radio Silence

Hey everyone! So, a little update with everything going on in my crazy life.

I recently got a new job, bringing my current career count to two. Between both of those jobs, I’m working about 45-60 hours a week, so my free time is a little sparse. I’m currently catching up on the new simuldubs this season and working on a movie review as well as another top ten list. In addition to this site, I’ve been asked to help another group with some reviews on their youtube channel, which will be eating up my time over the next two weeks.

But, all that being said, I’m done with training at my new job which means I’ll be able to budget and schedule my time better. With the holidays coming up, it will be tough to get out everything I want to, but my goal is to get caught up with simuldubs by the first of the month. I’ll be bringing reviews of those along the way as I get caught up, so keep an eye out for all of that.

Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you guys enjoy the future content!


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