[Let’s Talk: Anime] Yuri on Ice Dub

One of the hottest titles this season, Yuri on Ice as already captured a lot of attention from the anime community. With its breath-taking animation and enraptured music, this show is easily the most stand out title of the year. The elements work incredibly well together and create an anime experience that is unique not only in the genre of sports anime, but even among skating fans who may not normally watch anime. It’s no wonder that this was a show Funimation was quick to jump on and work on a simuldub for. But, what does the dub bring to an already impeccable show?

viktorThe most obvious difference is the fact that the English dub uses more pronounced accents. It’s difficult to say if the Japanese cast makes any kind of accent differentiation, which would be noticable to Japanese speakers, but the English dub takes advantage of international characters by having actors Jerry Jewell (Viktor) and Micah Solusod (Yurio) use Russian accents. This gives the dub just a little more personality and adds another level to the characters.

yurioniceWhat really sells this dub is the performance from Josh Grelle as Yuri. There is so much intensity and so many struggles that Yuri faces as he tries to reenter competitive figure skating that a lot of the series is internal, mainly Yuri trying to psyche himself up or try to sort out his feelings towards his programs. There are moments when Yuri is up beat and moments when he feels completely destroyed by the sport. It’s that dynamic nature of the character that shines through in Josh’s performance and it’s almost impossible not to be drawn in.

But, it’s the relationship between Viktor and Yuri that has been one of the main attractions for fans.

The chemistry between Jerry and Josh is hypnotic. They naturally compliment each other and create a phenomenal relationship with Yuri and Viktor. There’s nothing that seems awkward about their performance or the way they interact with each other. The emphasis isn’t about the subtext of their relationship or what may or may not be under the surface. The two work wonderfully together to create one of the most natural and compelling relationship that will continue to captivate fans as the series goes on.

yuriviktorThere’s so much this dub and show has to offer. From the incredible cast to the stunning animation, Yuri on Ice stands out as a must see for this year. If this show can even capture the attention of those who aren’t originally fans of anime, then it certainly must be doing something right.

Yuri on Ice airs on Funimation.com Mondays at 10:00pm.


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