[Let’s Talk: Top Ten] Top Five Other Shows You Should Watch From Fall 2016

Hey guys! Did you know there are other shows besides Yuri On Ice this winter? It’s undeniable that Yuri on Ice has taken the world by storm this year. I even enjoy it myself, as was clear with my review of the show. That being said, there are some really great titles that Funimation and Crunchyroll are streaming this season as well. From sword husbands to mobster dramas, these are just a few shows that have caught my eye and are worth a look (maybe once you’ve finished up Yuri on Ice). Some of these are shows that came out last season, but I’ve been following the dubs that came out this season so I’m including them with this season. So, that being said, let’s go ahead and jump into this!

abe13b7f7559f80aedb951689e6469df1475402928_full5)Touken Ranbu:Hanamaru (Winter Dub/ Winter Sub)
This show is a pure delight. With an eclectic group of characters, it’s almost a given that you will find someone you like. Perhaps the biggest thing about this show that could be considered flawed is the fact that in just episode one there are already twelve characters and they continue to add characters in every single episode. I don’t think that deters the show because it’s a more laid back story about these young men who were once swords and are now enjoying their lives together. There are hints that there might be more to the story than what we’ve seen so far and I would be interested to see if they are going to expand on that.Even if they don’t, I’m enjoying the show and watching these gentlemen live their now peaceful lives.

trickster_review_episodes_1-34) Trickster (Winter Dub/Winter Sub)
Based on the light novels of the Boy Detectives Club, Trickster follows a group of high schoolers as they work to solve cases while also getting involved with the notorious master mind, Twenty Faces. Additionally, they come in contact with a young boy named Koboyashi who has mysterious powers that prevents him from dying. The strength of this show is the fact that there is enough variety that anyone watching the show could decide if Koboyashi’s story is the main line or if the conflict with Twenty Faces is. This keeps the plot dynamic and allows viewers to follow which story they find more interesting.

relife3) RE:Life (Winter Dub/Summer Sub)
Holy cow, this show came 100% out of left field and it has been spectacular. Following the story of Kaizaki, who enters the RE:Life program as a means of having a second chance at high school, the humor with this series is non-stop and has some of the most unique I have seen in a comedy show in a while. Maybe it’s just because I’m older and I interact with a lot of people younger than me where I work, but I relate with Kaizaki when he constantly remarks on how different things are from when he was in school. But I think there is more to the show than just the “I don’t understand the youth” humor of Kaizaki, so it’s certainly a comedy worth taking a look at!

2016-10-09-21-40-05-drifters_episode_1_-_toyohisa_shimazu2) Drifters (Winter Dub/Winter Sub)
If you enjoy Hellsing Ultimate, you owe it to yourself to check out this show. But, speaking as someone on the outside of this fandom, I will also say that Drifters will appeal to fans who don’t enjoy Hellsing. Honestly though, it’s difficult to adequately explain why I adore this show the way I do. It certainly has to deal with the fact that the characters have some basis in legend or history and I’ve always found concepts like that to be in interesting. The main three Drifters play well off each other since they are all Japanese warriors and have differing opinions on how to approach battle, which leads to some pretty great insults as they try to prove themselves to each other. Throw in some incredibly over the top action sequences and this is one fantastic ride of an anime.

91days1) 91 Days (Winter dub/Summer Sub)
Nothing beats a good old fashion mobster drama about family murder and revenge. Angelo watched his family be brutally killed when he was a child. After years with no real lead, he receives a letter that gives him the name of the men involved with their death. The reason this show works is because it’s subtle. Angelo doesn’t just run up to the mobsters’ door and start shooting up the place. He is calculating and works to infiltrate the family. There are even moments when, as a viewer, I start to question if Angelo will actually go through with his revenge or if he’s going to completely obliterate the entire mob. It’s a much slower paced show, but I think that works in its favor because the show since it leaves the audience wondering when Angelo is going to strike. It’s certainly stands out as a show worth a look this season.

I’m curious what you guys have been checking out! Leave a comment and let me know what shows you guys are watching this season. I would love to see if there was anything I missed.


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