[Let’s Talk: Anime] Funimation Simuldubs Winter 2017

This season, Funimation has wasted no time getting started with shows. Not only have they made a few announcements, they have already released the first show of the season just 30 minutes after it was released in Japan. They have certainly stepped up their game this year and it will be interesting to see where else they go with their dubs.

To start with, let’s see what Funimation has announced so far for their simuldub lineup.

20161108_073031_thumbAkiba’s Trip The Animation (Airing Wednesdays at 9am)
This seems like a fun, over the top action show with a lot of unnecessary fan service. But, from a company like Gonzo it’s hard to overlook something that might be a lot of fun. Funimation has also said this will be their fastest dub of the season, having it air this morning. The cast looks promising so I think it will be worth it to check out this action filled with all the over the top things that make anime the craziness we know and love.

While they have announced other titles, there have been no other casts announced as of today. There are a few shows continuing from previous seasons as well. Tales of Zesteria the X, Nanbaka, All Out, Monster Hunter Stories, Puzzles and Dragons X, and Trickster will be continuing from their previous seasons.

What shows are you guys excited about for the winter season? What shows are you hoping get picked up for dubs? I’m very excited for future announcements to come from Funimation and will have weekly posts as more cast lists are revealed.


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