[Let’s Talk: Real Talk] Where I Go From Here

What a year 2016 was!It’s been a bit of a crazy ride and, inspired by the wonderful Kurosama/Two Happy Cats, I’m taking a quick look back before I talk about what my plans for the future are.

Before the Hold Up Let’s Talk:

  • I was writing for a blog that was just a constant stream of drama and stress where no one could agree on anything. I took over for a while, but due to my other obligations I was unable to do any of the changes I wanted to. With no support from the creator of the blog, I quit and the blog died out shortly after.
  • My job was working me to bone. I would work anywhere from 40-50 hours a week, sometimes off the clock so I could finish everything I needed to. Eventually, I had to step down and go back to being a normal associate instead of working with a manager that didn’t respect anyone on her team.
  • I basically hated the idea of writing. A good friend of mine was the one who encouraged me to start writing because she knew how much I enjoyed it before all of the drama on the blog (she was on the blog as well). She enjoyed my articles and wanted me to keep going. I finally gave in and made Hold Up Let’s Talk.

Getting Started with Hold Up Let’s Talk:

  • I started by trying to pick up from where I left off on the old blog I was a part of. However, I was also trying to expand what I talked about to include all of my other interests and taste.
  • Originally, I was putting out quite a bit of content and engaging with other bloggers. I really loved it. Everyone was so nice and inviting and it was a great way to get me started.
  • After a while, I felt as though I was just copying everyone else who did anime blogs. Nothing I did felt unique and I wasn’t really enjoying what I was writing about again. So I took a small hiatus and regrouped to focus predominately on simuldubs and dubs.
  • With my old job, I wasn’t getting enough hours so I had to get a second job as well. During the holidays, my writing suffered because of it. It was irritating because I was happy to get a rather good balance between work and the blog and I felt like I was losing it again.

Where I am now with Hold Up Let’s Talk:

  • I may have narrowed what I talk about, but I feel like I have a better idea of what I can do and I don’t feel nearly as stressed since I give myself at least one day a week to post.
  • I have started a podcast with a good friend of mine. We’re still working on getting that ironed out, but we talk about the dubs we’re watching and we also elaborate on some of the lists I make on the blog. If you’re interested, head here to check it out.
  • I’ve also talked to this friend about potentially coming on and blogging with me as well. This would give a little more variety but also help me out. We’ll have more news on that in the future.
  • I submitted to my first writing competition. I didn’t win anything, but it was a huge step for me to put my writing out there like that. I was incredibly proud of myself and will be trying for more competitions in the future.
  • Finally, and the greatest thing to happen in my life so far, I got engaged to the love of my life. I’m working on planning for the wedding and getting all of that in order. It’s nice to have to both things because blogging helps me destress about the wedding and the wedding helps me destress about blogging.

And I think that’s about it for the year. Thank you so much to all the new people who have come aboard and are enjoying what I have to say. I’m excited to keep moving forward with something I’ve come to really love. And I want to give a special thanks to a few blogs that inspire me to keep going by just doing what they do:

Two Happy Cats

These guys are wonderful and I highly recommend checking them out! I hope to see more from all of them in 2017.

Thank you all for a good start to this blog and I hope I can keep working on it for a while longer!


2 thoughts on “[Let’s Talk: Real Talk] Where I Go From Here

  1. Thank-you.
    Sounds like your real life is going to be hectic for a bit but I’m wishing you the best with your wedding and everything else that is going on for you as well as looking forward to what you do with your blog this year.


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