[Let’s Talk: Anime] Watch or Wait Winter 2017

Alright, here’s something new I’m trying this year! Since Funimation is working so hard to bring simuldubs to fans faster than ever, it doesn’t leave much room for the sub shows that are coming out. However, I do still enjoy catching anime as it’s airing with my friends so I decided this season I would catch the first episode of all the shows Funimation has said it will simuldub and decide if I will watch the show along with the simuldub or just wait for it to be dubbed. If I want to watch the dub, I’ll give the show a ‘Wait’ but I’ll give the show a ‘Watch’ if I enjoy the sub even if I intend to check out the dub. For those interested in catching the subbed shows, the majority of them are currently airing on Crunchyroll with just a few that haven’t come out yet.

20161108_073031_thumbAkiba’s Trip The Animation (Wait)
For this one, it doesn’t make sense for me not to watch the dub. It airs 30 minutes after the show airs in Japan, so as a fan of dubs I may as well check it out.

handshakersHand Shakers (Wait)
This show is just ugly. The animation looks awful and it’s trying way too hard to be something unique. While the character animations aren’t awful, the action sequences and the bizarre perspective flow makes for a jarring and awkward look. And yet, I can’t bring myself to stop watching it. Perhaps checking out the dub will allow me to see what it is that is keeping me interested.

masamunekunMasamune-Kun’s Revenge (Watch)
This show was much funnier than I thought it would be. It’s a shallow premise but I can’t deny how much I enjoyed it. I will certainly check out the dub, but I still want to keep watching the show as it airs.

dragonmaidjcMiss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Watch)
As a fan of Kyoto Animation, this show is a gift. While I’ll admit I haven’t seen Hibike Euphonium, which I am told is amazing, most of the KyoAni shows I’ve seen are rather lack luster. However, this show was a joy from start to finish and I think it will be even better in English. I do plan to keep up with it though since I was very pleasantly surprised with the humor and even the little charm this had.

sagaoftanyatheevilSaga of Tanya The Evil (Wait)
While I enjoyed some aspects of this show, I cannot get behind the seiyuu for Tanya. I have my fingers crossed that the dub will remedy that for me because I did genuinely enjoy the premise and the aesthetic of the show.

monstergirlsInterviews with Monster Girls (Wait)
The concept is kind of funny, but I’m not really digging it. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as watching the show in English to get more of the humor or other voice actors peeking my interest. As of right now, I’m not even sure I will continue the show but I will at least give the dub a try.

accaACCA (Watch)
I don’t know why, but I am massively fascinated by this show. I don’t know if it’s the story or the style, but I am very interested to see where this is going. I’m sure the dub will help since there’s a lot of talking in this show and, I’ll admit, I didn’t keep up 100%. But I am eager to see more and will be keeping an eye on it.

fuukaFuuka (Wait)
There’s nothing all that special going on here. The animation is pretty standard and, honestly, almost every one in the show is kind of terrible. I’m on the fence about actually watching the series, but I’ll at least give the dub a chance.

chaoschildChaos;Child (Wait)
This is more of a bias and I will 100% admit that. But I really struggle to follow these shows in Japanese because there is so much going on and there’s a lot of talking and existential business going on, so I personally will get more out of this show watching it dubbed. I am a fan of Stein’s: Gate and Chaos; Head so I think Funimation will do well with the material

koroqKoro Sensei Quest (Wait)
I had every intention of waiting for this show just because of how much I love the original cast. I’ll only check out the subbed if I get really invested in the story or I find the show cute and I decide I can’t wait for the dub any more. Otherwise, all I want is to see this dub.

chaincronicleChain Chronicle- The Light of Haecceitas (Wait)
This seems pretty run of the mill and generic for an anime. I couldn’t help but think during the action sequences that this is much more suited to be a video game, which makes sense considering the source material. But I like the animation and the fighting seems pretty solid, so I’ll see what the dub can bring to the table.

Are there any shows you can’t wait to see dubbed? Am I missing out on anything by chosing to wait? Let me know if there’s anything you guys are checking out!


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